Review Concludes Washington Should Renew Medicaid Fraud False Claims Act

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The False Claims Act passed by Washington State in 2012 to fight Medicaid Fraud must be reauthorized by the state legislature by June 30, 2016 or it will expire. As part of that process, the law was reviewed by the Washington State Legislature Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. The result of that review was a determination that Medicaid fraud recoveries have increased since the Act was passed and that there is no evidence private individuals rewarded by the law have brought frivolous cases.

Annual recoveries in the state increased by 28% after the law was enacted. The law provided the Attorney General the authority to investigate 29 civil cases of Medicaid fraud as well as receive a higher share of federal recoveries in qui tam cases. For every dollar the state has expended on the program, it has recovered $2.96.

The review also looked into the question of whether the Washington False Claims Act has spurred the filing of frivolous cases. This has been a concern in some states considering legislation authorizing rewards for qui tam whistleblowers, such as West Virginia. It is one of the primary points of opposition by businesses. There review of cases in Washington did not find evidence to support such a theory. The review also solicited feedback from other entitites seeking potential examples of frivolous lawsuits and none were provided by them.

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