Garbage Truck Lawyer

Here’s a statistic to pin in your brain . . . when it comes to vehicular manslaughter cases, more people are killed by garbage trucks than any other type of vehicle.

Garbage trucks!

It may seem hard to believe, but only until you break down how garbage trucks work and where they operate.

However, while some of the deaths have been random pedestrians and citizens, many garbage truck workers have received the worst treatment when it comes to them having gotten an injury on the job – minor or severe.


Common Garbage Truck Injuries

Although it may seem impossible, garbage truck workers have received some pretty gnarly garbage truck-related injuries over the many years of service.

Some of these injuries include, but are not limited to being:

  • Run over while the truck’s maneuvering
  • Seriously injured (such as amputation and broken limbs) when parts malfunction
  • Crushed between moving parts
  • Injured/killed after falling from a truck

There can be any number of reasons why a garbage truck might end up giving the employees or other people injuries. Ignoring all the chains and wires they have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, there are also things such as poor maintenance on the trucks leading to malfunction, malfunctioning brakes, truck driver distraction or fatigue, and refusing to yield to pedestrians and cars who have the right of way.


What Can You Do?

If this situation seems like something you’re dealing with, you should hire a lawyer. Whether you’re trying to protect your garbage company or if you’re trying to penalize one that’s injured you or a loved one, you need to have someone in your corner helping you.


Traits Of A Great Lawyer

If you’re going to spend time looking into a lawyer, there are specific things that you should keep in mind when it comes to making your decision:

  • Accolades – You need to make sure that whatever lawyer you end up with will have the skills to protect you and your loved ones, no matter how the situation goes down. Look for people that seem legitimate and knowledgeable. At McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt, for example, the experienced truck accident lawyers have over 30 years of experience helping garbage truck companies and insurance companies see eye to eye – and they’ve won awards for it, too!
  • Helpfulness – Does your lawyer want to help you? Or do they look at you and only see a quick buck? You’re going to want to find a lawyer that understands what you’re going through and what you’re trying to achieve. Only once the lawyer has the information will they be able to help you going forward. Some lawyers will force their clients to take the first settlement that comes their way, no matter how bad it is. This is not helpful to you! So, to make sure that you don’t have this experience, make sure to do your research and look into just how helpful a lawyer might be to your situation.


How To Help Your Garbage Truck Accident Case

Even before you speak with your lawyer, there are a few things you can do to make the whole experience of getting in a garbage truck accident much less painful than it needs to be.

Remember, most people will want their garbage truck accident case to go away as quickly as possible. Very few people can be caught in court or beholden to insurance companies for upwards of a year.

Make sure you do everything you can to shorten the time. 

Some of the things you should do immediately after a truck accident are: 

  • Seek Medical Attention: This is important not only for your health (which is the priority) but also because having a medical professional check you out will put your injuries on record. This could then be used in a settlement conversation down the road if necessary. You will also get checked out and make sure there won’t be any lasting damage from the accident. 
  • Get An Official Police Report: getting an official report down for the police is a great way to get all the facts down on paper while they’re still fresh. This report can help in court and settlement cases, and it can help your lawyer have more information of what exactly they’re defending and some of how they can do it. 
  • Get Contact Information From Witnesses: in case it comes to a serious head, it’s a very good idea to get the contact information of anyone who might have seen the accident. With that information, they can corroborate your story and help you win your settlement or court case. 
  • Take Photos: A picture is worth a thousand words and that’s the truth here. If you are in an accident, make sure to take photos. This will help you keep an accurate track of the damage, but it will also serve as another key for your eventual lawyer to help you. 

These are only the basics, but they’re very helpful when trying to prepare for a settlement after a garbage truck accident. The more information you can give your lawyer, the better! This will allow them to start building a strong case for your benefit. Fill out our form here for a free consultation on your accident or call our law office at 1-866-333-7715 so we can help fight for you as soon as you need help!