Fire Truck Accident Lawyer

Fire trucks are large, loud, and bright red – impossible to miss. At least, that’s what you might think. However, it is possible to overlook a fire truck, and it’s also possible to find that the fire truck has crashed into you or that you’ve crashed into it.

Fire trucks are constantly speeding around the city, trying to deal with emergencies and save lives. But what if doing so ends up causing an injury or taking a life . . . what are you meant to do, especially if you or a loved one is the victim?

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Fire Truck Accidents

When it comes to accidents involving fire trucks, it can be hard deciding who is at fault. For this reason, a lawyer is a good investment. Part of the lawyer’s job is to uncover if you or the other driver is at fault.

Then, they will let you know if you have a case and if it’s worth it for them to try and defend you. (Note: you are going to want a lawyer who will try and defend you, because if you’re the victim in one of these situations, then you need to fight to get the payment you deserve.)

However, things can get a little tricky when dealing with fire trucks. When they’re on their way to an emergency, they are very loud and nearly impossible to miss. You’re meant to yield to the right to give them more space on the street, because if they get stuck in traffic for even a few minutes, someone in a crisis may die.

Haste is important to fire trucks, but because of that, they might end up in accidents with drivers who aren’t paying attention or who don’t yield.


Why Pursue Justice?

When it comes to fire truck accidents, getting compensation can end up being up to who is at fault and how liable either party is for the damages. Because fire trucks rush to scenes of emergencies to rescue victims of car accidents, fires, and medical emergencies, they might also be part of providing accidental injuries to pedestrians and other innocents.

If you’ve been hurt by a fire truck, you might find that you may have a claim for compensation to treat your injuries. If you are not at fault and if you decide to hold the fire truck liable for whatever damages you sustained, you might be able to receive monetary solutions. If you file a successful truck accident claim you could be eligible to receive:

  • Medical costs
  • Prescription drugs and funds necessary for rehabilitation
  • Any wages or income you might have lost while healing and being unable to work
  • Any future disability expenses
  • Any financial contributions for bereavement


How The Accident Might Happen

In most incidents involving a fire truck, the issue at hand is that the driver is unwilling or unable to yield, and the fire truck ends up hitting the car. Understandably, this means that failing to yield the right of way to a fire truck can end up being very dangerous.

According to fire truck drivers, an inability or refusal to yield ends up causing the most accidents. This is why you must yield if you ever hear or witness a fire truck zooming by.

If you didn’t yield, you would be the one at fault, and even the best lawyer in the world wouldn’t be able to help you out, no matter how severe the injuries are that you received.

However, there are specific – unique and rare – cases where a fire truck might be a fault. These are the situations that you need to use to your advantage if you end up in a fire truck accident.

Because firefighters have shifts that require them to respond to calls at all hours, they might be suffering from sleep deprivation or even substance abuse (to help them stay awake longer). There are also possible times when they’ve secured equipment incorrectly or they might be driving a faulty truck . . . these sorts of things that are separate from refusing to yield are the ones that might help you have a claim for fire truck accidents.

If it turns out that you’ve been in a collision with a fire truck and that you are not at fault, you should contact a personal injury attorney. They’ll do their best to help you receive compensation and to get justice. They do this by first pulling the police record from the accident to see if you even have a leg to stand on.



Even with a good lawyer, filing a claim against a fire truck can be quite difficult. Because the fire department is connected to a branch of the government, your lawyer will have to submit very specific and detailed forms to even get a claim considered.

Assuming they manage to get a claim in place, it can still suffer from delays and lots of forms/red tape, which means that they might get tangled in such a way that you have to wait years until you can see a result of your claim.

Additionally, fire departments are considered under the protection of sovereign immunity, which means they can’t be sued for any decision they make during a fire emergency. Even if the fire truck is 100% at fault for the accident, if the accident happened while they were on their way to an emergency, you still might not have a claim. They can pull the sovereign immunity card and get the whole case thrown out.

There are even other factors that can determine who is or isn’t at fault, and many of them tend to favor the fire trucks because of their connection to the government and their importance to city safety.

This is why it’s of paramount importance that you hire a knowledgeable and experienced lawyers such as the PA truck accident lawyers at Mceldrew Young Purtell Merritt to help with your claim. When it comes to fighting fire trucks, you need to have all the help you can get if you want to succeed. Call us today at (866) 721-8431 or fill out our contact form here for a free consultation.