Trucking Accident Lawyers in PA

PA Trucking Accident Lawyers PA Trucking Accident Lawyers

Those who need help determining who is liable for a truck accident can turn to PA Trucking Accident Lawyers at McEldrew Young Purtell for prompt legal advice. It isn’t uncommon for victims of truck accidents to face thousands of dollars in bills for medical care and vehicle repairs. Not only that, but they can encounter serious financial hardships if they had to miss work to get better.

To increase your chances of recovering the maximum compensation possible, it is important to sue the appropriate parties who contributed to the accident occurring. During a consultation, we can help you figure out whether the trucker, trucking company, third party, or all three were responsible. 

The Trucking Company

The company who hired the truck driver may be at least partially responsible for the accident. But, proving this can be difficult without Philadelphia Trucking Accident Lawyers on your side. The trucking company may have not performed a mandatory inspection, hired an inexperienced driver, or done something else to cut corners when it comes to safety. Your lawyer may be able to uncover evidence that the trucking company is at-fault during the investigation process. 

The Driver of the Truck

The truck driver may have been violating the rules of the road in the seconds before the crash ensued. Perhaps the driver had fallen asleep, was speeding, cutting around corners too quickly, or followed too closely behind another vehicle and couldn’t stop in time. The driver could have been under the influence of prescription or illegal drugs, or had alcohol in his or her system. Truck driver fatigue is a common reason that truck accidents occur, as drivers are under pressure to get to their destination as soon as possible. Inform our Trucking Accident Lawyers in Philadelphia if you suspect the driver could have been fatigued behind the wheel. 

Despite regulations that oversee trucking companies, not every driver abides by these rules. For instance, a driver may want to get ahead of schedule by skipping out on meal and rest breaks. But by doing so, insufficient sleep and nutrition can cause sluggish response times, poor decision making, and even aggression while driving. We may request to see the trucker’s log book to identify whether any regulations were broken. 

Third Party Manufacturer

The manufacturer for truck parts may hold some percentage of liability, if a defect had contributed to the accident. For example, a poorly manufactured tire could have led to a blowout, faulty brakes, or other mechanical failure. Your Lawyers for Trucking Accidents in PA may recommend also suing a third party such as the manufacturer, if there is evidence that a truck part had failed to work as it was intended. 

If you or someone you care about was the victim in a truck accident, please know that you do not have to battle this alone. In fact, we advise against handling it without an experienced lawyer. Your first consultation with our PA Lawyers for Trucking Accidents at McEldrew Young Purtell is entirely free, so there’s no risk is finding out whether you have a strong case for a lawsuit.