Philadelphia Trucking accident lawyer

Philadelphia Trucking accident lawyers

Philadelphia Trucking accident lawyers

As a driver who was involved in a crash with a commercial truck, our Philadelphia Trucking accident lawyers from McEldrew Young Purtell can only imagine the degree of damage and injury you must have sustained. Rarely is a passenger car driver able to walk away from the scene of a truck accident with barely a scratch on them. Injuries can entail broken bones, head injuries, internal bleeding, emotional trauma, spinal cord damage, and much more.

Collisions between the standard vehicle and these hefty commercial trucks can be immensely tragic. And in most circumstances, it is the passenger car driver who suffered the most painful and costly injuries. What many drivers may not realize is that trucker fatigue could have been a major contributing factor in their truck accident. Here, we explain further:

What is Trucker Fatigue?

Trucker fatigue is when the driver is so exhausted that he or she becomes unable to safely navigate the vehicle. There are several culprits to trucker fatigue, including lack of sleep, not taking enough breaks, and lacking proper nutrition. If a trucker becomes overwhelmed due to the pressure of the job to make a deadline, he or she may skip out on necessary breaks and sufficient sleep in order to arrive sooner.

Drivers who are fatigued can be equally as dangerous as those who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Our Philadelphia, PA Trucking accident lawyers understand that figuring out whether the trucker who hit you was fatigue or not is a challenging task. So, you can rest assured knowing we will do what we can to investigate further. 

What Are the Symptoms of Trucker Fatigue?

Figuring out whether the trucker was fatigued in the moments prior to hitting you can be very difficult without the kind of strategy that our PA Trucking accident lawyers can provide. If you happened to see the trucker before the collision and saw him or her doing any of the following, please inform us immediately: 

  • Yawning frequently
  • Rubbing eyes
  • Head slowly nodding then jolting back up
  • Swerving into another lane
  • Falling asleep onto the steering wheel

Is Anything Being Done About This?

Yes, regulations and state laws have been established regarding how often truckers must stop to rest, and how long they are permitted to drive for one extended period at a time. To provide an example, truckers can drive no more than eleven consecutive hours, permitting they have ten hours straight of being off duty. Unfortunately, despite these regulations people still find themselves in a terrible accident with a trucker who was probably lacking proper sleep.

Additionally, trucking companies who are more concerned with having their shipment arrive ontime, may turn a blind eye to a trucker who lies or stretches the truth when entering their rest and driving hours into a logbook. 

If you were recently hit by a trucker and believe fatigue could have been a factor, please contact our Trucking accident lawyers in Pennsylvania at McEldrew Young Purtell for more information.