PA Trucking Accident Lawyers

PA Trucking Accident LawyersFollowing a truck accident you might be in physical pain, while at the same time, be trying to deal with insurance companies and financial losses. These types of cases tend to be rife with challenges which is why you should consult PA trucking accident lawyers from the law firm of McEldrew Young Purtell.

What Makes Truck Accidents So Devastating?

If you’ve never experienced an accident involving an eighteen-wheeler, you might expect the aftermath to be similar to any other car accident. But for a number of reasons, you should not expect it to necessarily be that easy. You should consult the right PA trucking accident lawyers who have experience in handling these types of claims. 

Truck Accidents Can Be Worse

With your car weighing in at 3,000 to 5,000 pounds at most, and a typical loaded eighteen-wheeler weighing 70,000 pounds or more, it’s not hard to imagine that the effects of a collision are much more likely to be bad. Trucks require much more stopping distance than cars, so a moment’s inattention on the part of a truck driver can have horrific consequences, including injury, permanent disability, or death for the occupants of a passenger car or light truck which gets in its way.

Trucks also have greater problems with visibility, can jackknife under heavy braking or icy road conditions, and are generally much more complex to drive safely. The pressure on the industry to hire enough drivers has led to more drivers on the road who have less training. This can lead to dangerous situations with eighteen-wheelers. If you have been injured in a truck accident, please call the PA trucking accident lawyers from the law firm of McEldrew Young Purtell.

Truck Line Insurance Adjusters Are Adept at Denying Claims

Truck lines are required to be insured for vast amounts of money to cover their liability to the public. For that matter, the value of their freight is often very high, and this has to be covered too. As a result, their internal process when one of their trucks is involved in an accident is a well-oiled machine. It’s not uncommon for them to send their own investigators to the scene of an accident within hours of it happening. They will have done their homework and started looking for ways to minimize or deny your claim. You need to be equally well represented by an experienced PA trucking accident lawyer, and should not delay in calling one today. 

Your Damages Are Likely to Be More Severe

Automobiles have improved remarkably over the past few decades, and it’s not uncommon to walk away from an accident with another car without an injury. Unfortunately, if you’re hit by an eighteen-wheeler the odds are not as favorable. Costly medical claims, disability, lost wages, and the damage to your vehicle are all things that you may have to fight for, and experienced PA trucking accident lawyers can help you understand all the damages you should recover to make it a fair settlement.

Don’t go it alone if you’re hit by a truck. You should call the PA trucking accident lawyers from the law firm of McEldrew Young Purtell to find out how we can help you with your eighteen-wheeler accident settlement.