Philadelphia Uber Accident Lawyer


Philadelphia Uber Accident LawyerPhiladelphia Uber Accident Lawyer


At McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt, our accident lawyer represents Philadelphia residents who were injured by a negligent or careless Uber driver. If you were in an Uber accident, the injuries you’ve suffered may be severe and hold long term consequences. If a loved one was hurt in an Uber accident, they may still be hospitalized and facing an uncertain future. In the meantime, medical bills are likely piling up with no idea when you will be able to return to work. Our Philadelphia Uber accident lawyer understands how serious, and far reaching, the consequences of an accident can be, and if the driver does not take responsibility, it is often a fight for the victim to get rightful compensation. That’s where our Philadelphia Uber accident lawyer comes in—you can be confident that you will have an aggressive and seasoned legal representative who will fight for your rights. We offer rideshare injury victims a free consultation so that they can discuss their case with an attorney from our team who can advise them as to whether or not they have a strong case.

Your Right to Receive Compensation for Damages

By law, Uber drivers must carry insurance which is provided to them by the rideshare company itself. When an Uber driver is at fault for an accident, they have a legal responsibility to reimburse the victim for their damages. If they or their insurance company refused to offer you fair compensation, a Philadelphia Uber accident lawyer from McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt can file an injury claim on your behalf. With our understanding of claims and what is considered sufficient documentation and proof of injury and liability, we have a high success rate. In cases where our claim is denied, we are always prepared to escalate the claim to a civil lawsuit. The majority of claims and lawsuits are settled out of court after negotiations between our Philadelphia Uber accident lawyer and the insurer. Talk to us about your injuries and learn how we may be able to resolve your claim.

Uber Driver Qualifications

By far, the vast majority of Uber drivers are not professionally trained in transporting passengers. Instead the following qualifications are required by the rideshare company:

  •         Pass a comprehensive criminal background check.
  •         Periodically submit a motor vehicle department driver’s history to Uber.
  •         Own a vehicle that has working windows, locks, air conditioner, and heater.
  •         Routinely have the vehicle inspected by a certified auto mechanic to verify that it meets all required safety standards.

There is not currently a requirement that the Uber driver must undergo specialized or advanced road safety training. Some of the most serious of accidents caused by Uber drivers may have been avoided had the driver made different decisions on the road. How and why the Uber driver caused the accident will be included in the claim or lawsuit submitted by our Philadelphia Uber accident lawyer.

Recover Your Damages

If you suffered serious injuries in an Uber accident and feel you have run out of options for recovering your damages, contact our office. Call us today to schedule a consultation with our Philadelphia Uber accident lawyer.