Bus & Large Passenger Van Accidents

We represent riders, pedestrians, and other drivers seriously injured in bus accidents with SEPTA or a commercial bus operator in PA. Our Philadelphia personal injury attorneys will fight to ensure you receive the compensation that you deserve for your injuries, medical bills, and lost wages.

Our trial lawyers represent individuals in cases of catastrophic injuries throughout the Philadelphia area. We are not simply bus accident lawyers. We take cases involving complex and severe medical injuries where our knowledge and experts will make a difference for you. If you would like us to provide a free consultation regarding your potential legal case, please contact us by filling out our form or calling 1-800-590-5151.

School Bus Accidents

If your child is injured in a school bus accident, we will investigate to determine liability for the injuries and seek compensation on your behalf. There are a number of factors that can cause such tragedies. Every year, children are injured or killed because drivers ignore the Pennsylvania School Bus Stopping Law, pass a stopped school bus and crash into kids. There are also traffic accidents involving the bus themselves. Most school buses don’t have seat belts and children can be injured in serious crashes. Although most accidents don’t involve serious injuries, we are here to help when they do.

Septa Bus Accidents

SEPTA can be liable for injuries caused by the operation of its bus transportation. If the bus is moving and a passenger or occupant of another vehicle suffers an injury, the transportation agency can be liable to the individual for compensation due to the injuries.

Car-Bus Accidents

Buses are susceptible to traffic accidents as are any other motor vehicle. They have blind spots, a wide turning radius, and lack the maneuverability of smaller vehicles. In these types of accidents, the bus may have liability to both the occupants of the other car and its passengers who are injured.


Pedestrians can be seriously injured or even killed by buses. Our team of trial attorneys are prepared to assist individuals.

Bus Passenger Injury

Bus passengers are at a potential risk whenever a bus needs to make an emergency maneuver or when the bus is in traffic accident. We are based in a city where thousands of passengers board the bus everyday and have attorneys ready in the event that there is an unfortunate injury during your commute.

Commercial Bus & Motorcoach (RV) Crashes

On rare occasions, there is a serious traffic accident on a highway where multiple people on the bus are injured.