Our Union Commitment

Our team advocates for union members and builds their power in the legal system.

Rapid Response Team

The Rapid Response Team (RRT) is a program dedicated to protecting the rights of union members and their families after catastrophic accidents or fatalities. The RRT’s mission is to provide critical and timely legal and investigative assistance in the aftermath of not only unfortunate work-related injuries, but all serious incidents where our membership and their families have had significant and life altering events occur. We will respond quickly to any and all car and truck accidents, nursing home abuse, and medical malpractice occurrences. We can also help you with almost all of your legal needs. When you are confronted with a diagnosis of mesothelioma or a family member is caused to have a brain injury, you want answers fast and we will provide them.

The Rapid Response Team supports local unions and their members after catastrophic accidents or fatalities in a timely manner. Our mission is to provide both legal information and assistance to union members and their families.

We understand that being grievously injured in an accident is a financial life changer for union workers and their families. Besides the obvious costs of emergency medical care, surgery, rehabilitation and other long-term costs, there is also potential lost income and benefits at stake. We know that the legal details required to ensure that just compensation is received can be overwhelming, so we’re here to help!

In the event of any fatal or life altering injury to any union members, the Sheet Metal Workers Local 25 union should notify their staff representative and the Emergency Response Team immediately by calling (210) 912-6732.

Our Union Commitment

With extensive legal knowledge, experience and success in diverse areas of labor law, including the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act, Federal Employers’ Liability Act, as well as the many State laws governing union rights and benefits, McEldrew Young has become the go to counsel for a wide range of local, state and national labor unions, including:

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