Top 5 Biggest Lawsuits Against Amazon


Amazon has grown in the 25 years since its initial opening as a small book-selling business. Now it’s the largest online marketplace in the world and is responsible for a large majority of online retail business. As it has grown larger, Amazon has become a multi-media platform that sells all sorts of items from house building kits to small machinery parts.

They even offer membership programs that speed up their delivery times, promising Prime members who ordered packages arrival at their homes just hours after purchase. This has caused some controversy, as some appreciate these accelerated processes, and others ask customers to think about the human cost of such expediency. Despite outcries, Amazon continues to grow larger, adding more “fulfillment centers” across the world to expand their delivery services.

Amazon has not been without scandal for those epic 25 years, however. As Amazon grows larger, there are more and more complaints about how Amazon treats its workers. It also often refuses to take responsibility for accidents that occur because of its company culture.

In no particular order of importance, as all these suits are equally important for holding Amazon responsible for injuries and discrimination, we’ll cover some notable lawsuits recently filed against Amazon.

1. Discrimination Lawsuits Against Amazon Based on Race and Sex

Earlier this year, several current and former managers at Amazon began claiming that they faced race- and sex-based discrimination from other higher-ranked managers.

According to Charlotte Newman, reported by Vox in this article, she experienced continued race- and sex-based discrimination. She was constantly passed over for promotions by younger, less experienced white men. When asked, she said the upper managers had no real explanations for their hiring practices besides telling her she was, “just scary… [and too] intimidating.” These statements were playing off racial stereotypes of black women.

Another female manager claims that she was sexually harassed by another manager and was relocated after refusing to date the manager. Along with her, several other women have come out to speak against Amazon management.

2. Infant Death Caused By Amazon Delivery Driver

In 2019, a 9-month old infant died in an accident with an Amazon delivery driver.

This tragic case highlights how Amazon avoids taking responsibility for their driver’s accidents no matter what the human toll is for their emphasis on speedy delivery. This article outlines how the parents of the infant tried to hold the company responsible and encountered roadblock after roadblock.

Amazon insists that it should not be held responsible for drivers, even when their trucks are branded with Amazon logos. This is because they hire drivers through contracted delivery services. Despite this, Amazon keeps an extremely close watch on drivers and punishes drivers for wavering on their near inhuman standards.

3. Discrimination Lawsuit, Amazon Firing Pregnant Individuals

Amazon, gaining a reputation for terrible working conditions, discrimination, and strict upper management, has also been firing pregnant women. They do this just before the company will have to begin giving out the required accommodations for their health.

In continued discrimination, Beverly Rosales is speaking out for her quick-firing after telling her managers that she was pregnant. This comes to a trend, as at least half a dozen other women have come out with similar statements. According to CNET, six of these cases were settled outside of court.

4. Exhausted Driver Sues Over Working Hours

Timothy Weakley, a delivery driver for Amazon, has sued the company claiming that he was worked to exhaustion before falling asleep at the wheel of his delivery truck and crashing.

He spent an absurd 49 hours behind the wheel with little rest, causing him to become a dangerous driver. According to The News Tribune, the company he worked for—AAA Freight—claimed that sometimes it had to bend the regulations delivery companies are supposed to follow to meet the strict requirements that Amazon, their largest customer, demands.

5. Paralyzed Man Sues Amazon—Claims They Should Be Responsible for Accidents

Another attempt to hold Amazon responsible when their drivers cause accidents is this case involving Ans Rana, a 24-year-old man left paralyzed after an accident with an Amazon van. While Amazon continues to claim that they shouldn’t be held responsible for accidents as they don’t directly employ their drivers, Rana argues differently.

Amazon uses tracking technology to watch and record the delivery times of drivers. This is to enforce extremely strict standards while facilitating swift punishments for drivers that cannot meet them. These standards are often ludicrous, however, and often lead to employees feeling stressed and overworked. This case argues that this micro-management makes Amazon more responsible for employees than they admit and leads to terrible accidents like the one that paralyzed young Ans Rana.

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