Spinal Cord Injury Litigation in Pennsylvania


Survivors of the most severe car or truck accidents can expect a wide range of physical, practical, financial and emotional challenges if they face the prospect of life with a permanent disability. For those rendered paraplegic or quadriplegic through permanent damage to the spinal cord, the challenges can last a lifetime.

At McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt in Philadelphia, we understand the legal and personal challenges that severely injured people face in the aftermath of a disabling motor vehicle accident or the neurological damage that medical negligence can sometimes cause. While our ultimate objective is to help you recover the financial compensation necessary to assure your personal and family security over the long term, we also support our clients and their families through the immediate challenges that a catastrophic injury invariably presents.

Maximizing Insurance Coverage in Spinal Cord Injury Cases

In spinal cord trauma cases that result from car accidents, it is often the case that the combination of the other driver’s liability coverage together with our client’s own UM/UIM motorist benefits will represent only a fraction of the total compensation you will need over a long period of time. We therefore work hard to identify other potential defendants and other sources of insurance coverage to maximize your total compensation. Sometimes we find that a road was negligently designed or maintained, and in some cases we can demonstrate that a defective car component aggravated the injuries or even caused the accident.

Truck accident litigation presents a different set of problems. While there is usually enough insurance in place to cover the damages we can prove on our client’s behalf, commercial insurance defense lawyers are highly motivated to minimize their exposure to liability and damages. You can expect tough opposition on liability issues, comparative fault issues, and the details of your damages evidence.

Experienced and Personalized Client Service

With almost 30 years of experience in complex litigation against negligent drivers, physicians and their insurers, Philadelphia personal injury attorney James McEldrew has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of people with permanent spinal cord injuries. His trial experience and willingness to present a case to a jury adds important leverage to his case settlement negotiation strategies. Additionally, his careful attention to detail in the development and presentation of a damages demand means that no element of your right to compensation will be overlooked or unsupported by evidence.

While your legal claims proceed through the court system, McEldrew Law works closely with clients, their families and their medical treatment team to assure the best possible care and treatment. With a carefully limited caseload, we also make sure that our clients receive prompt and highly personalized service whenever they want to discuss the case or a new problem with their attorney.

Call for a Lawyer’s Advice About Spinal Cord Injury Claims

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