Slip and Fall Lawyer Philadelphia, PA

Slip and Fall Lawyer Philadelphia, PA Slip and Fall Lawyer Philadelphia, PA

If you or a loved one has suffered a slip, trip and fall, you can rely on a Philadelphia, PA slip and fall lawyer from the law firm of  McEldrew Young for assistance. We are fully aware that not all properties are maintained as they should be, which can lead to a slip and fall accident. Whether the hazard be cracked pavement, loose wires, insufficient lighting, or something else, the person who fell deserves to be compensated for their losses. Falling onto the pavement can be harsh on our bodies, and the medical care needed can be costly. It is important to us that those who have endured such an incident, are informed about their right to take legal action. With the help of a slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia, PA, you can learn about the compensation you deserve.

Here we have listed the most common reasons why slip and fall accidents happen:
Slippery Floors

Perhaps the number one reason why people slip and fall, is due to slippery floors. Floors may be dangerous if they are wet due to rain being tracked in, a puddle of food or liquid being spilled, or overly waxed floors. Staff for the property must be alert at all times to slippery areas and attend to the problem with urgency. If a person were to slip and fall because a puddle was ignored for hours, that may be quite a large sum the company has to pay for negligence. A slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has worked with clients just like you, who were innocently going about their day when a slip and fall happened due to another’s carelessness.

Messy Areas and Loose Wires

Not only do exposed wires look bad, but a person can easily trip on wires that are not pulled back neatly. Wires may be exposed from underneath furniture or objects and become a risk for anyone passing by. Items left in frequently used pathways are accidents just waiting to happen. For example, if a retail store does not pick up dropped products in a timely fashion, it can become a tripping hazard. When people walk, they are not often staring at their feet. This can be particularly true for shoppers, as they are looking upwards at the shelves since that’s where the majority of products are located.

Poorly Lit Areas

When lighting is not adequate, it can lead to visitors stumbling and falling. While the conditions may not be hazardous, it is the lack of lighting that can cause the person to misjudge their steps. For example, a visitor that is exiting a store at night may slip and fall on the curb because the outdoor lights for the facility were burnt out. Chances are, the visitor would not have taken that same fall if the lights were replaced promptly.

Get the Help You Need From a Slip and Fall Lawyer Philadelphia, PA Residents Trust

If you are considering filing a lawsuit against a company, facility, or individual for not providing a safe environment, please call us today to book your free consultation with a lawyer at the law firm of McEldrew Young. A Philadelphia, PA slip and fall lawyer can help you set things right and rebound after such a terrible slip and fall accident.