SEC Whistleblower Attorneys for FCPA Bribery Violations

FCPA whistleblowers located internationally face unique challenges when reporting bribery and internal accounting control problems to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  Our SEC whistleblower attorneys are ready to face the time zone, language and other issues that may arise.

Hundreds of international whistleblowers report corporate misconduct to the SEC every year because of the Dodd-Frank Act.  Let our FCPA whistleblower lawyers help you stand out from the crowd.  We’re available to help people report from many of the world’s corruption hotspots, including China, India, Mexico, Brazil and Eastern Europe.

Are You in an FCPA Hotspot?


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Please contact us for a confidential discussion of your potential whistleblower tip to the SEC. We’re also available to assist individuals with information that relates to other industries and countries.  The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice will take allegations of suspected violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act seriously no matter where they take place and the industry where they are happening.

About the Laws

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

We’re happy to discuss the various components of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act with you in order to help you determine whether you have information that pertains to a potential violation of the U.S. anti-bribery law.  We’re familiar with the definitions and current government interpretations of U.S. issuers, “anything of value” and foreign officials to assist you in evaluating the misconduct for potential violations.  If you are simply doing some preliminary research, feel free to read our FCPA whistleblower guide.

SEC Whistleblower Law

If you are located in a foreign country and not familiar with the nuances of the Dodd-Frank program, we can help educate you about what you need to know.  The program provides rewards to individuals that provide original information pursuant to the SEC rules and results in monetary sanctions against a company in excess of $1 million.  For additional information, visit our guide to the rules for SEC whistleblowers.

Special Issues for Foreign Whistleblowers

The U.S. Government makes it easy for anyone to go online and fill out the Form TCR to report a suspected violation of our corruption law. However, due to the judicial doctrine of extraterritoriality, the anti-retaliation protections offered to whistleblowers by the Dodd-Frank Act may not apply.

About Us

We’ve helped dozens of whistleblowers report health care fraud, tax evasion and securities fraud to the appropriate U.S. government agencies.  We’ve reached out to hundreds of attorneys in other countries about the SEC whistleblower program with respect to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.  This provides our law firm with the contacts necessary to be able to assist FCPA whistleblowers around the globe.  We’ve dealt with several different translators in order to assist us in preparing our clients case for the SEC.  We also have the contacts among securities lawyers here in the United States to evaluate and present the evidence of the violations to the government.

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