Are you currently working an hourly position at a retail financial service company, or have you worked an hourly position at a retail financial service company within the past 4 years? Did you or any of your coworkers believe that your pay was too low? Did you have trouble getting a job at a different franchise within the same company?

If you answered yes to these questions, you may qualify to help in our investigation into retail financial service companies and possibly recover compensation. A number of retail financial service companies have allegedly signed no-hire agreements with their parent companies saying that they will not hire employees from other franchisees that are part of the same company. As part of such agreements, franchisees are prevented from hiring and/or recruiting anyone who has worked for another franchisee within a certain period of time. 

If you worked for a retail financial service company, you may have been the victim of a no-hire agreement. If you were prevented from moving from one financial service company to another that was part of the same financial service company, you may qualify to join our investigation. Fill out our form for a confidential evaluation. 

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