Police Misconduct

Police misconduct has been a huge issue over the past few years.  If you are a victim of a serious injury due to police brutality or the family member of a wrongful death victim, call the Philadelphia catastrophic injury attorneys at McEldrew Young.


Law enforcement officials are charged with protecting society from danger.  When police officers cross the line and tragedy results, they should be held accountable for their injuries.  In cases of wrongful shootings or excessive use of force that result in serious injuries, our personal injury lawyers may be able to help you hold the government accountable for their actions.

Taser Injuries

Taser guns are intended to stun or otherwise incapactitate high-risk individuals who pose a risk to law enforcement.  Yet, there have been hundreds of incidents where those shocked have suffered serious injuries or even death as a result of their deployment.  Their have also been incidents where officers shot subjects and later claimed that they thought they drew their taser.

Excessive Use of Force

A 2015 report assessing the use of deadly force by the Philadelphia Police Department in light of an increase in officer-involved shootings during a time of falling violent crimes and assaults against the police.  During 2012, officers shot 52 suspects and 15 of those died.  The number was the highest it has been in the last decade and Philadelphia in recent years has had one of the highest shooting rates in the country.

Police officers may exceed their authority in any number of incidents from traffic stops to the arrest of a criminal suspect.  Improper use of tasers, batons or police dogs in these incidents, or other

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