Pittsburgh’s Allegheny General Hospital Latest Superbug Infection

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A Pittsburgh resident has reportedly contracted a superbug at Allegheny General Hospital following exposure to a contaminated Olympus duodenoscope, according to her lawsuit filed in Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas yesterday.

It is the third hospital to have a potential CRE infection outbreak caused by contaminated endoscopes. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Presbyterian Hospital previously announced an infection outbreak linked to its use of scope in ERCP procedures. Jefferson Hospital here in Philadelphia has announced an outbreak but denied that testing warranted a conclusion that their use of duodenoscopes were linked to the spread of hospital acquired infections.

The article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that I saw did not have a comment from the North Side hospital. That means that we have no idea yet if this is an isolated incident or if there are additional infections.  We also don’t know how many procedures it performs a year.

This lawsuit in and of itself will be interesting in part because it will be a unique case. The procedure took place after the FDA warned about the dangers of the medical device but before the manufacturer issued updated instructions for cleaning the scopes.

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