Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyer

Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyer

Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyer


If you are looking for a leading Philadelphia product liability lawyer, consider McEldrew Young to assist you. For decades, our firm has been guiding individuals and families through the legal claims process with the goal being to recover maximum damages for those who have been injured because of a defective product. Our experience, dedication, and insight has enabled us to recover millions for those who have suffered. If you are the victim of a defective product, let a Philadelphia product liability lawyer listen to what happened during a consultation. 


Understanding Product Liability


Every day the average person will use dozens of products without giving their use another thought. From the phone you use, the battery you charge your computer with, the car seat you place your child in, the hairdryer you blow your hair with, the oven you cook your food with, and every other product that passes through your hands and those of your loved ones. 


When a product has been poorly designed, the chances of it harming you may increase. Of course, you might get lucky and it will break or fail to work. However, for some people a defective product will cause them harm. If this should happen, it may be your right to recover damages. In general, you will need to ask a Philadelphia product liability lawyer to help you file a product liability claim. 


Product liability claims are a type of personal injury claim; however, they are unique in that they will likely involve large corporations or companies who may have an ample sized legal team to defend them. Depending on the product that caused you harm, it is certainly possible that other people have also been injured and are seeking compensation. In this case a class action lawsuit may be underworks. The right Philadelphia product liability lawyer can help you to understand what your options may be. 


Types of Claims

A product could be defective in many different ways, including:

Manufacturing Defect – If a product has been manufactured in a way that is inaccurate according to the design, and it is unsafe to use, a manufacturing defect claim could be pursued. It is not easy to prove these cases which is why you should have a Philadelphia product liability lawyer on your side. 

Failure to Warn – This is the most common claim and involves a product that has not adequately warned the consumer or user through warnings or instructions. 

Design Defect – When a product has been designed in a manner that is considered to be unsafe, or rather dangerous, and it was this way before it was manufactured, a design defect claim may be valid. Usually, these cases evolve into a class action lawsuit or multi-jurisdiction litigation. 

Have You Been the Victim of a Defective Product?

If you or a loved one is struggling to cope with large medical bills, the inability to work, and extreme pain because of a product, that you thought was safe, harmed you, please call a Philadelphia product liability lawyer for advice, support, and legal advocacy. Call McEldrew Young today.