Philadelphia Pedestrian Injury Lawyers

Were you walking in Philadelphia and seriously injured in an accident involving a car, truck, bus, taxi or trolley? In Pennsylvania, pedestrians have the right of way when you are on a sidewalk or at a crosswalk with no traffic signal. Drivers involved in a traffic accident with a pedestrian on foot may be liable in other cases as well.

Our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers represent victims in cases of serious medical injuries or wrongful death caused by automobile accidents. If you are injured due to the negligence of a driver, it doesn’t matter that you were not in a vehicle at the time you were harmed. We will fight for the compensation that you deserve.

What Causes These Accidents?

It’s unfortunate that there are so many ways that cars and trucks can become deadly in the city. Sometimes, it isn’t there fault. But too often, they are speeding, running a red light or otherwise operating in an unsafe manner.


Alcohol plays a role in a significant role in many car-pedestrian accidents. According to the CDC, the driver or pedestrian was drinking in nearly 50% of accidents resulting in the death of a pedestrian. If either the driver or the individual on foot was intoxicated, the bar or restaurant that provided the alcohol may be liable for damages under the Pennsylvania Dram Shop Law.

Irresponsible Driving

Inattentive or distracted driving is also a significant cause of pedestrian-car accidents. Drivers may be talking on a cell phone, texting, changing the radio station or simply not paying attention to what is ahead of them.

Car accidents don’t typically involve pedestrians. Less than 5% of reported traffic accidents in the state involve someone on foot. However, this still results in almost 4,000 incidents a year in Pennsylvania and many serious injuries. More than 10 percent of all deaths resulting from crashes involving cars or trucks involve a pedestrian. This results in about 150 deaths per year in PA. If a member of your family was killed while walking, please contact one of our attorneys to discuss possible avenues to get compensation for your loss.

Other Pedestrian Injuries

There are other ways to be severely injured while walking around the city of Philadelphia. Slip and fall injuries on icy or dangerous sidewalks, open manhole covers, falling debris from construction projects, and slippery stairs to SEPTA transportation. Negligent property owners may be liable for some or all of your injuries, including medical bills and other economic damages.

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