PA Burn Injury Attorneys

PA Burn Injury AttorneyPA burn injury attorney

A PA burn injury attorney at McEldrew Young has seen the many ways that burn injuries can happen during the summer months. With summer just around the corner, many people have pool parties and barbecues on their mind. While summer does bring a lot of fun and excitement, it can also bring injuries, such as serious burns, if you’re not careful. What people may not realize is that they could have grounds for a lawsuit if they sustained injury due to another person’s negligence or recklessness. If this sounds true for your situation, please notify a PA attorney for burn injury immediately for counsel. 

Here are some of the most common summer injuries people sustain:

Car Accidents

While car accidents can happen at any time of the year, they tend to occur more frequently during the summer months. More people take road trips and are just on the road more in general. Unfortunately, all the additional vehicles on the road increase the risk of accidents. A burn injury attorney in PA has represented victims in car accidents who sustained serious injuries, like traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, severe burns, and spinal cord injuries.

Grilling Injuries

When the temperatures are warm, many people like to grill outdoors. However, many people might not know that grills are the cause of many injuries during the summer months. Grills can ignite quite easily, resulting in severe burn injuries. It’s important to use extreme caution when using grills and to always grill in well-ventilated areas.

If you suffered a serious burn because someone else wasn’t responsible when using an outdoor grill, then we recommend contacting a Philadelphia burn injury attorney right away.

Swimming Injuries

In the summertime, very few activities are as relaxing and fun as swimming in a pool. Unfortunately, however, swimming causes a large percentage of injuries in the summer. Thousands of people end up in the emergency room for drowning and other swimming related accidents. It’s important to never swim alone and make sure there is always adult supervision when children are swimming.

Lawn Mowing Injuries
In the summertime, it’s necessary to cut your grass on a frequent basis. However, if the lawn mower is defective, it can cause severe and even fatal injuries. Injuries can also occur when rock and other debris are picked up and projected by the mower blades. To minimize the risk of injuries, always wear protective equipment, like pants and closed-toed shoes, when you moe the lawn.

Biking Injuries

When the weather warms up, both adults and children enjoy riding their bikes outside for exercise. However, without the proper safety measures, bike riders can suffer head injuries and other serious injuries. That’s why it’s important to always wear a helmet and other safety gear while you bike.


When the temperatures are hot, it also increases a person’s risk of suffering dehydration. This occurs when your body stops producing sweat and can’t properly cool itself down. Dehydration can put you at risk of heat stroke. That’s why it’s essential to drink plenty of water during the summer and go indoors when you start feeling too hot.

If you’ve suffered a summer injury because of someone else’s negligence, you may be eligible for compensation. We’ve helped hundreds of personal injury victims obtain fair compensation and are ready to assist you. It’s important to talk to a burn injury attorney in Philadelphia at McEldrew Young promptly about your legal options.