NJ Product Liability Lawyer

New Jersey Product Liability Lawyer New Jersey Product Liability Lawyer

Here at McEldrew Young, a New Jersey Product Liability Lawyer can help hold guilty parties responsible for injuries that were caused due to defective products. Unfortunately, many companies cut corners during the production, design, or distribution of their products. By doing so, they are potentially putting consumers in danger of harm. It isn’t uncommon for people to get seriously hurt or even die because of this thoughtlessness. 

If you or someone you care about what hurt while using a product at home or in regards to your vehicle, then we advise you contacting a NJ Product Liability Lawyer promptly for help. 

How to Handle Claims for Product Liability

As a consumer, it can be difficult to figure out on your own why a product had malfunctioned. Which is why we recommend not battling this alone. It can be challenging to go up against a company by yourself. We have the strategy and resources required to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries. For example, a Product Liability Lawyer in New Jersey has been successful in handling claims related to:

  • Vehicle design (defective seat belts, tires, airbags)
  • Defective or toxic toys (including pieces that broke off and posed a choking hazard)
  • Defective bike helmets
  • Contaminated prescription medication
  • Malfunctioning power tools
  • Weak ladders and scaffolding
  • Defective medical devices
The Challenges of Product Liability Claims

As a Product Liability Lawyer in NJ at McEldrew Young understands, one of the biggest challenges of product liability cases is figuring out at which stage of creation the product became defective. We can investigate the production process of the item to identify whether the error occurred in the initial design, manufacture, packaging, or warning label. A fair degree of detective work is often required to uncover at which point the product became dangerous for consumer use. 

Common Defects: Baby Toys and Products

As parents, we can imagine that all you want for your child is for them to grow up safe and free of injury. Parents may be understandably outraged to find that a product they purchased had caused their baby harm, whether it be a broken bone, choking, cuts, or bruising. Products made for babies and infants must go through rigorous testing before it can head to the shopping store floor.

However, to minimize costs a company may cut corners while disregarding how this can impact the safety of the product. If your baby or infant was harmed because of a toy or item that wasn’t safe, we encourage you to contact us immediately for counsel. Common cases of unsafe baby toys and products include: 

  • Baby car seats
  • Mattresses made with toxic fumes
  • Strollers and bicycle trailers
  • Toys made with toxic coating
  • Baby furniture

We believe that as a consumer, you should be able to buy products without worrying about the harm it may cause you because a company wanted to be careless about safety. If you were injured because of something you bought for your home, office, children, or vehicle, then please notify our team right away. For a free consultation, you can contact a New Jersey Lawyer for Product Liability at McEldrew Young today.