New Jersey Product Liability Lawyer

New Jersey Product Liability Lawyer

New Jersey Product Liability Lawyer

There are many reasons that clients may find themselves meeting with a New Jersey Product Liability Lawyer at McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt. One of those reasons may be because they were injured due to a defective product. Thousands of people every year in America are harmed because of products that weren’t safely designed or manufactured. From vehicles being recalled to furniture toppling over, there are an unlimited number of ways that product function can go astray.

Filing a Claim Against the Manufacturer or Designer

If you sustained an injury of any kind because of a defective product, we may advise taking legal action against the party at-fault. When it comes to improperly working products, it is usually the designer or manufacturer who made a crucial error which led to the item being dangerous. But, before filing a lawsuit, it is vital that victims understand the three different types of product liability claims so they file based on their circumstances: 

  • Design Defect 

When civil action is being taken based on a defective design, this means that the product is claimed to be inherently dangerous due to the design alone and not at the fault of the manufacturer. For instance, a vehicle that is too top heavy may pose a high risk of rolling over compared to other cars on the market. A person who was involved in a serious car accident and rolled, could potentially sue the designer of the vehicle for compensation if it can be proven that the design contributed to it tipping over. As a Product Liability Lawyer in NJ may tell you during a consultation, for a product to be unreasonably dangerous, it must be harmful to the consumer when used as directed.

  • Manufacturing Defect

Among the most common of product liability claims is manufacturing defects. A person who files a lawsuit under this category alleges that the design of the product is actually safe, but something went wrong in the manufacturing stage that led to the item being dangerous. Your Lawyer for Product Liability in New Jersey may suggest gathering evidence to show that the end result of the item after being manufactured does not match the original intended design. 

  • Warning or Labeling Defect

With help from a Lawyer for Product Liability in NJ, a victim can file a lawsuit claiming that there was a defect in the product details or warning labels. And, that the manufacturer had a legal obligation to warn consumers of risks but had failed to do that. For example, a common warning or labeling defect lawsuit includes medications in which adverse side effects were not adequately disclosed.

Those who were injured and endured loss from a flawed product, may be eligible for financial compensation from the manufacturer or designer of the item. We strongly recommend not waiting to pursue legal action, as you may have only a certain period of time to file. If this has happened to you or a loved one, then we encourage you to contact a NJ Product Liability Lawyer at McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt right away for help.