Attorneys for PICC Line Injuries

If your baby suffered an arm or leg amputation due to the improper insertion of a catheter into an artery instead of a vein, contact a medical malpractice attorney. Our Philadelphia trial lawyers offer a free initial legal consultation to families and victims of catastrophic injuries.

A PICC line is a peripherally inserted central venous catheter. It is threaded from a vein in the arm or leg until the tip reaches the superior vena cava near the heart. To ensure proper insertion, a chest X-ray is done to confirm its placement. Th PICC line is often used on a premature baby in the NICU. It provides the ability to provide fluids, nutrients and medications through a vein without repeated injections into the body.

If a catheter is inserted into or punctures an artery, serious and potentially fatal complications can result. Among them are the need to amputate the child’s arm or leg in order to contain the infection from the rest of the body. Other potential injuries resulting from improper PICC line placement include an air embolism, infection, nerve injury or abnormal heart rhythms.

This procedure is performed millions of times in hospitals each year. Even with an error rate less than one percent, mistakes do happen. If your family has suffered a catastrophic injury as a result of what you believe could be malpractice by a doctor, nurse or hospital, call us today.

Our medical malpractice attorneys have helped victims of doctor errors recover tens of millions of dollars. From birth to care in the neonatal intensive-care unit, we will review your child’s medical chart to determine whether a malpractice lawsuit is warranted.

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