Misread Pap Smear Lawsuits

Misread Pap Smear Lawsuits

Misread pap smear lawsuitsMisread pap smear lawsuits are on the rise, and there are several reasons for this. At McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt, our lawyers have the level of medical knowledge and experience with medical malpractice laws that is necessary to provide strong representation. Many victims and their families who have suffered catastrophic health conditions as a direct result of a misread pap smear are pursuing lawsuits to recover their damages. If you lost a loved one to cancer due to a misread pap smear, or if you yourself have suffered, contact McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt to learn more about these lawsuits. You may benefit from initiating a civil lawsuit against those who are responsible for harming you as a result of a misread pap smear. Call our office to schedule a free consultation to learn if you are a good candidate for filing misread pap smear lawsuits.

Cervical Cancer and Misread Pap Smear Lawsuits

Patients who were diagnosed with cervical cancer and their surviving family members may be eligible to receive compensation from the negligent physician. Misread pap smear lawsuits are the norm for pursuing this compensation. McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt represents victims in malpractice claims and litigation. Whenever possible, our legal team will recover our clients’ damages through the negotiation process and in this way avoid courtroom litigation. Misread pap smear lawsuits are an effective method for recovering compensation but also to force those responsible to be accountable for their actions.

Free Consultation for Victims of Misread Pap Smear Lawsuits

If your pap smear was misread and a cancer diagnosis was missed as a result, you may have grounds for filing one or more lawsuits. We welcome you to contact us at McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt to request a free and confidential website with our medical malpractice lawyer. A consultation with our seasoned lawyer can help you determine if you have the basis for a claim or lawsuit. Call our office today to schedule your consultation.

Delayed Diagnosis

Cervical cancer may be diagnosed in its early stages if a woman undergoes routine pap smear tests. The patient’s physician can remove precancerous cells using a minimally invasive medical procedure. Recovery time is usually quick. However, when a physician misreads a pap smear, they may not have identified abnormal cells that were present. A delayed diagnosis may allow the precancerous cells to advance to full blown cervical cancer. As a result, once the correct diagnosis is made, the patient may need invasive surgery as well as chemotherapy and radiation treatment. These procedures are painful on a physical and emotional level, and might have been avoided if the correct diagnosis had been made the first time. When victims pursue misread pap smear lawsuits, their damages might include pain and suffering as well as the damages associated with the additional medical treatment involved. In the worst cases, victims may pass away due to a delayed diagnosis. Their families may decide to file wrongful death misread pap smear lawsuits as a result.

To learn more about misread pap smear lawsuits, contact McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt to request a free consultation.