JUUL Vapor Lawsuit Philadelphia, PA

JUUL Vapor Lawsuit Philadelphia, PA

For Families Who Wish to File a JUUL Vapor Lawsuit in Philadelphia, PA

JUUL Vapor Lawsuit Philadelphia, PAIf an adult or minor child in your family has developed an addiction to nicotine or developed a serious health condition from JUUL vapor use, pursuing a lawsuit against the manufacturer in a Philadelphia, PA may bring you relief. McEldrew Young represents individuals and families in the greater Philadelphia, PA who wish to pursue a lawsuit against JUUL Labs for the harm they have suffered as a result of vapor usage. Strokes, heart attacks, serious pulmonary conditions, and even death are possible outcomes that have been directly linked to the use of JUUL vapor products. The associated financial costs for victims can be enormous and far more than they can bear without seeking compensation for their damages. The attorneys at McEldrew Young are experienced trial attorneys with years of experience representing consumers who were misled by unfair and deceptive trade practices. Contact us immediately and request a free case review to learn if you qualify to file a JUUL vapor lawsuit in Philadelphia, PA.

The Dangers of Using JUUL E-Cigarettes

JUUL e-cigarettes are small electronic devices that are similar in appearance to common USB thumb drives for computers. The e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) are referred to as “pods” and contain a nicotine solution that is available in a wide variety of flavors. The flavors include mint, mango, cucumber, and fruit, the user may be unaware that it is nicotine that they are consuming and it is every bit as dangerous as a traditional cigarette. In fact, one JUUL pod has nearly the same amount of nicotine contained in an entire pack of cigarettes. E-cigarettes inject much higher levels of nicotine into the user’s bloodstream and at a faster rate than a traditional cigarette.

In this way, many users (including teens and pre-teens) have developed an addiction to nicotine and as a result, have suffered serious or fatal medical conditions. Though it is contended that JUUL Labs was aware of the addictive nature of their products, they did not make this information known to the general public. Not only did they not warn consumers, they falsely claimed that JUUL vapor use is a safe alternative to cigarettes. The manufacture heavily promoted these falsehoods in ways that are especially likely to attract young people such as marketing through social media platforms.

For you and your family, these facts may provide you with the basis for filing a lawsuit in Philadelphia, PA against JUUL for the harm they caused through the use of their vapor products. Significant financial awards may be possible through a lawsuit or a settlement with the manufacturer. McEldrew Young represents those who wish to seek justice against JUUL Labs for their damages. Our clients include adults and the parents of minors in direct as well as class action litigation.

McEldrew Young is Committed to Protecting the Rights of Consumers

In the U.S., laws are in place to protect consumers from manufacturers who falsely portray their products as safe, or who deceive the public about the dangers associated with using their products. To learn if you have grounds to file a lawsuit in the Philadelphia, PA court system against JUUL Labs for their vapor product, contact McEldrew Young today.