JUUL Addiction Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA

JUUL Addiction Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA

JUUL Addiction Lawyer in Philadelphia, PAJUUL addiction is a serious condition, as our lawyer knows very well from representing Philadelphia, PA clients in lawsuits against manufacturers. McEldrew Young represents families whose young adult children developed an addiction to JUUL usage or who developed serious health conditions as a result of using vaping devices. JUUL manufacturers advertise their products as safe and have largely failed to warn consumers of the dangers. As a result, many consumers have sustained serious or fatal injuries. A JUUL addiction lawyer assists victims who reside in the Philadelphia, PA in recovering their damages. Substantial settlements are available to those who qualify and our lawyer can review your case at no charge to determine if you are eligible. If you or a family member developed a life-altering addiction or affliction as a result of using a JUUL device, contact us.

Misleading Advertising of JUUL Products

JUUL Labs advertised their vaping device as a safe alternative to traditional methods of smoking cigarettes. They did not disclose the dangers of nicotine and the diseases that consumers can develop from its use as well as nicotine’s addictive nature. Though using JUUL devices can cause serious or fatal conditions, the company’s marketing strategies targeted young persons who are especially vulnerable to deception. Many teenagers and young adults in Philadelphia, PA who were regular users of JUUL vapes developed an addiction to the product, may benefit from contacting a lawyer from our firm. If they are still minors, their parents can pursue litigation on their behalf. A damage claim or lawsuit can bring you the relief you and your family deserves. Contact our JUUL addiction lawyer in Philadelphia, PA today for a free case review to learn if you are eligible for compensation from the manufacturer.

JUUL Addiction

JUUL addiction is a common affliction associated with the use of vaping pens and similar e-cigarette devices. If you or your child developed a nicotine addiction through using a JUUL product, a lawyer in Philadelphia, PA from McEldrew Young can represent you in litigation against the company. Nicotine addiction is serious and can lead to serious or fatal health conditions, including stroke, regardless of the individual’s age or prior medical history. An increasing number of victims have sought justice through litigation against JUUL Labs. A successful trial or settlement can result in a significant amount of compensation for the plaintiff. This can be critical for the victims because the resulting financial award can make it possible for them to afford the costly medical treatment they need to recover from their JUUL vaping addiction. If a victim has passed away as a result of an addiction to JUUL vaping, our Philadelphia, PA lawyer may be able to recover the family’s funeral and burial costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and much more. If your family lost a loved one in this way, contact us without delay.

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To learn if your circumstances make you eligible to pursue a claim against JUUL Labs, contact our JUUL addiction lawyer in Philadelphia, PA to request a free consultation.