Attorneys for IRS Whistleblowers

Eric Young is a nationally recognized IRS whistleblower lawyer. Eric and his law firm, then known as the Young Law Group, represented the first recipient of an award under section 7623(b) by the Internal Revenue Service whistleblower program.  Following our name change to McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt, our Philadelphia attorneys continue to represent individuals in cases of tax fraud arising nationwide.

The IRS has only paid out 9 awards under § 7623(b).  Eric Young represented the first recipient.

Watch the video below.  Eric was approached by an accountant who told the IRS about tax evasion at a Fortune 500 company.  After two years of inquiries by the accountant, Eric went to work and the IRS paid out $4.5 million for the information.

Eric also served as an expert in the case for the $104 million award for Bradley Birkenfeld.

When the attorneys for Birkenfeld needed an expert, they approached Eric.  He is widely recognized for his work in the field and is frequently interviewed by media publications when news breaks on the IRS whistleblower program.

Our attorneys have helped clients report more than $500 million in unpaid taxes and tax liabilities to the Internal Revenue Service. This information is currently under active investigation by the IRS.

We also report tax fraud to New York State when appropriate.

The New York State False Claims Act allows individuals to bring a qui tam lawsuit against a corporation evading New York taxes.  Since amending the law, New York has aggressively prosecuted cases of tax evasion.  We can help you evaluate whether reporting your evidence to the IRS, NYS or both entities is most appropriate.  We will file and handle your NY lawsuit as well as your IRS claim.

Our Practice

Our whistleblower attorneys have a broad base of knowledge garnered from representing clients across the various government programs, from the False Claims Act to SEC whistleblowers.  In 2016, we helped the government recover $54 million lost due to health care fraud.  Let us put this knowledge to work for you.  If you have any questions, call or email anytime.

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