Is there an IRS Whistleblower Hotline to Report Tax Fraud?

The Internal Revenue Service doesn’t offer a phone number to report suspected tax fraud. Instead, the agency asks individuals with information about a variety of tax noncompliance issues to print and mail a form to them. For tax whistleblowers interested in potentially receiving an award, the information is provided on Form 211.

If you believe that you possess evidence which demonstrates that an individual or company has failed to pay the IRS at least $2 million dollars, please call our phone number at 1-800-590-4116 for assistance filling out the appropriate IRS form. Our IRS whistleblower attorneys will provide you with a free, no-obligation legal consultation concerning the IRS program. If we are able to undertake representation of you in connection with your reporting tax fraud, we will fill out the appropriate forms for you.

If you are NOT interested in a reward pursuant to the IRS whistleblower program, the agency offers a number of different forms to fill out depending on the nature of the information that you are reporting. The most common is probably Form 3949-A, which is the form for an Information Referral concerning false exemptions or deductions, the failure to pay tax, unreported income and the failure to withhold according to the tax law. This form can be found online. Alternatively, the IRS will accept information on a letter that does not use the form as long as it is sent to the same address as you would send the Form 3949A.

The Internal Revenue Service offers other forms to report a stolen identity, fraudulent activity by a tax return preparer, misconduct by an exempt organization, or phishing. These are a few of the more common problems that do not relate to the question of whether an individual owes taxes to the U.S. Treasury.

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