IRS Whistleblower Program Proposed Changes…


Young Law Group Submits Public Comments to Dept. of Treasury on Proposed Changes to IRS Whistleblower Program

Recognizing the potential threat to its current and future clients, as well as, the whistleblower advocacy community at large, Young Law Group today submitted official comments in response to proposed changes to the IRS Whistleblower program.  The proposed regulations would narrow certain statutory definitions, needlessly limiting the scope of the program and preventing potential whistleblowers from receiving compensation for their valuable information and assistance.  In addition to its vigorous opposition to these changes, Young Law Group proposed a number of recommendations to facilitate open communications between the agency and potential whistleblowers, thereby further encouraging individuals to come forward, and improving the overall efficacy of the program.

Young Law Group is a nationwide leader in tax fraud whistleblower advocacy, having secured the first-ever recovery under the new IRS Whistleblower program.  This landmark case resulted in a $22 million recovery to the IRS and a $4.5 million reward for Young Law Group’s client.  Currently, with over twenty active tax whistleblower cases, Young Law Group continues to aggressively pursue tax cheats and fraudsters on behalf of its clients and all U.S. taxpayers.

Young Law Group, P.C., Attorneys-at-Law, represents whistleblowers in the United States and abroad, in a variety of cases, including IRS Whistleblowers, False Claims Act (Qui Tam), and SEC related fraud.  For a free confidential consultation, please call Eric L. Young, Esquire at 1-800-590-4116 or email to