Attorneys for Catastrophic Food Allergy Injuries

Contact our law firm for a free legal consultation if you need an allergic reaction injury attorney in the Philadelphia area. Our catastrophic injury attorneys are prepared to evaluate your potential case and take action against negligent parties due to their negligence in the handling of food allergies.


15 million Americans are living with food allergies. More than 200,000 must visit the hospital emergency room every year because of an allergic reaction. The eight foods that are to blame for most recations are peanuts, milk, eggs, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish and shellfish. Although some kids are able to outgrow their allergies by the time they reach adults, many peanut and fish allergies are lifelong. The leading cause of anaphylaxis and death due to a food allergy is peanuts (legumes).

Food Allergy Treatment

For those with some food allergies, there is no safe way to eat them. It is necessary to carry an EpiPen and visit a hospital for treatment if the offending item is consumed.

Can I Sue?

If a family member has been seriously injured due to consumption of an item prohibited by a food allergy, there may be no one at fault. However, allergy injury lawsuits are on the rise because of numerous errors that can happen in food preparation, medical treatment and the supervision of children that can warrant a lawsuit to hold them responsible for any injuries.

Among the parties that could be negligent in the food incident include food manufacturers (food labels have been required to contain allergen information since 2006), restaurants (either servers not communicating information about ingredients to the diner or the kitchen not preparing in accordance with the requirements of the patron), medical staff (either minimizing the dangers of possible rections to the patient or negligent treatment of a person undergoing anaphylaxis.

If a family member has suffered death or a serious injury as a result of inadequate food labeling, negligent medical treatment or misconduct by a restaurant or other party (such as a school or school camp), contact our personal injury attorneys for a free legal consultation.

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