FCA Warming


This is not a good climate in which to be committing fraud against the government.  A new article notes that the FCA is on fire, concluding that

[u]nprecedented government spending, recent amendments to the FCA, increased fraud enforcement budgets and priorities, skyrocketing FCA recoveries, state legislative and enforcement activities, and the sheer volume of ongoing government investigations and pending qui tam actions suggest that the FCA will remain the fastest growing area of federal litigation.

One of the most important factors contributing to FCA mania is lawmakers’ obsession with tweaking the Act. The FCA has already been amended twice in the first six months of 2010, and Congress is hankering to amend the FCA once again.

Congress passed the Fraud Enforcement Recovery Act (“FERA”) in May 2009. FERA made some of the most significant amendments to the FCA in 20 years.  FERA already expanded protections for agents or contractors who blow the whistle. The latest version of the Financial Reform Bill would expand the scope of protected whistleblower conduct to include not only “efforts to stop 1 or more violations”  but also lawful behavior “in furtherance of an action” under the FCA.

Massive outlays of federal dollars combined with Congress’s FCA infatuation guarantee that these types of cases will stay hot. 2010 may well be the year of titanic clashes over the FCA, so grab a front row seat as the dollars fly!

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