Medical Billing Fraud Lawyers

Medical Billing Fraud Lawyer Medical Billing Fraud Lawyers

As a Medical Billing Fraud Lawyer at McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt in Pennsylvania, we can say that medical billing fraud is one of the leading types of healthcare fraud schemes in the United States. Both Medicaid and Medicare will reimburse medical professionals, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities based upon a coding system which is extremely complex. Although a majority of these institutions and professionals are honest in terms of billing, there are some providers who make an attempt at frauding the system. They may do so to increase their profits with the hope of the government never finding out.

Investigating Healthcare Fraud

The FBI is the primary agency who is responsible for investigating healthcare providers who may be frauding the system. When this happens, not only does the United States government have to pay tens of millions of dollars, but the patient can also be harmed by billing fraud.

If you are the victim of medical billing fraud and have been harmed by it, please call a Philadelphia Medical Billing Fraud Lawyer today. McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt has years of experience in these types of cases and can protect your rights. During a consultation, we can help you to understand your legal options, and any available recourse. We know how medical billing fraud can affect a person’s life and are committed to getting just for our clients. To find out more, call our office now.

The Most Commonly Used Medical Billing Schemes

Even though the majority of healthcare providers are honest in their billing practices, it still happens – and often more than most people would like to acknowledge. As lawyers for Medical Billing Fraud in PA, we find that fraud can take a number of forms, but often involves:

  • Billing for treatment or procedures that were not performed
  • Upcoding a diagnosis
  • Upcoding a procedure
  • Billing for equipment that was not included
  • Ordering procedures that were not necessary
  • Charging more than the value of medications
  • Double billing for the same medical procedure or treatment
  • Inflating the costs of the healthcare
  • Separately billing for procedures that were done at the same time (also known as unbundling)

Holding the Healthcare Provider Accountable

If a healthcare provider, including a hospital, clinic, or doctor, manipulates your medical care as an attempt to recover more money from the government, they can be held liable. Realistically, in the long term, everyone will pay for this illegal activity. Therefore, if you believe medical billing fraud is happening to you, please call our team of lawyers for Medical Billing Fraud without hesitation about legal intervention. 

We are seasoned lawyers who know the laws and procedures. Yes, these cases are very complicated, and yes, they often take a lot of time; however, we believe each and every one of them is worth it. Rest assured, we will aggressively pursue any and all legal remedies with the final goal being to ensure this does not happen again.

Talk to a Medical Billing Fraud Lawyer Now

In Pennsylvania, there are thousands of doctors, and several hundred hospitals and clinics. So, medical billing fraud can and will happen. Whether you are receiving medical bills that don’t make sense, your treatment costs are sky-high, or you are being billed for something that never took place, it is prudent to talk with a Medical Billing Fraud Lawyer at McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt Law immediately for assistance.