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Medical Billing Fraud LawyerTurn to a Medical Billing Fraud Lawyer for Justice

Our medical billing fraud lawyer represents individuals who come forward with information about fraudulent actions leading to qui tam prosecution of violators. Successful prosecutions may lead to receiving a substantial percentage of the monies recovered by the federal government. Because the federal government does not have sufficient resources to oversee the billing details of everyone in the national healthcare system, it is contingent upon citizens to speak up when they suspect a business, healthcare facility, or an individual is defrauding Medicare or other government programs. Fraudulent billing of Medicare is a primary example of when a patient and their government healthcare program may be taken advantage of by unscrupulous persons. McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt can help ensure that if you and your provider were intentionally overbilled that you will get justice and will possibly receive a portion of the money that is recovered from the guilty party.

McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt works with Federal Prosecutors in Qui Tam Cases

Our medical billing fraud lawyer works with federal prosecutors when representing individuals and families who were billed for medical-related services and products for which they should not have been charged. When it is determined that a nursing home chain, pharmacy, hospital, doctor’s office, or others have been caught fraudulently billing their customers or patients, the total recovery of funds can easily be in the millions of dollars. This is why receiving a portion of the funds can represent a significant amount of money. If you suspect that you’ve been overbilled intentionally, contact our office to speak with our medical billing fraud lawyer. We offer a complimentary consultation so you will not be charged to learn whether or not you may have a valid case.

Common Examples of Fraudulent Billing

Fraudulent billing within the Medicare system is not uncommon. Though what has happened in your case may not be in this list, here are some of the most common examples of fraudulent billing:

  •         Services not rendered. When a provider charges for lab work, medical devices, treatment, or medical supplies that was never delivered to the patient or ordered by them or their physician, this is a common method of intentionally and fraudulently billing a patient.
  •         Upcoding. When a provider intentionally uses the wrong code for a more costly product or service than what was actually given to the patient, this is a method some use to defraud the government.
  •         Non-reimbursable cost reports. Certain providers qualify for billing of federal healthcare programs for costs they incur beyond patient care such as business expenses and capital improvements. The amount of costs that the provider can bill is a direct percentage of how much of their business is directly related to Medicaid services that they provide. In some instances, a provider may fraudulently include non-billable costs, or billable costs that they did not actually incur.

Contact McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt If You Have Information About Fraudulent Billing

If you have information about fraudulent billing, contact our medical billing fraud lawyer to learn if your case may qualify for federal qui tam prosecution.