Fraudulent Medical Billing Lawyer

Medical Billing Fraud Lawyer Medical Billing Fraud Lawyer

It is important to our team of Medical Billing Fraud Lawyers at McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt that clients be wary of shady businesses and individuals in the healthcare system. Despite what people may realize, there isn’t much government oversight when it comes to the healthcare billing system. Unfortunately, there are facilities and persons who manipulate the system to enhance their own financial status. Our law firm has been involved in prosecuting offending parties who committed billing fraud, which harmed patients who were seeking treatment, medication, or other services. 

What Billing Fraud Looks Like

Fraudulent billing can take on many forms. If you aren’t sure whether billing fraud has actually happened to you or a loved one, then we recommend just coming in for a free consultation with a Lawyer for Medical Billing Fraud to learn more. Some of the most commonly seen instances of billing fraud include the following:

  • Upcoding: when healthcare providers seek more expensive payment for services or supplies from patients by using a code that is incorrect.
  • Unbundling: providers may use individual codes instead of grouped codes for services, so the reimbursement rate is significantly lower.
  • Services Not Rendered: providers charge for lab work, supplies, or other services there were not actually ordered or given to patients.
  • Double Billing: patients are billed more than one time for a single use of goods and/or services.
Don’t Be Intimidated, Seek Legal Support

Because hospital billing can be very complicated, the average person may not understand the codes and lingo used. Do not feel intimidated by this, and just know that the facility or individual who billed you may intentionally make bills confusing to read so patients just give up and pay it even if they don’t fully understand. But trust us, a Fraud Lawyer for Medical Billing at McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt is well-versed in medical terminology and coding. We can help identify if an error occurred, and whether you have a cause for fraud against the healthcare provider. 

When patients first receive their bill, they may contact a customer service line to ask about the charges. In some cases, the people on the line end up being not of any real assistance. Then, patients may wonder if it’s just better to pay the bill to not risk losing their health insurance or other consequences. If this is your current situation, then you may need legal assistance from a Fraud Medical Billing Lawyer to get this handled appropriately. 

Not-For-Profit Hospital Scams

Don’t be fooled by hospitals that state they aren’t in business to make money. Even hospitals that claim to be “not for profit” may overcharge their underinsured and uninsured patients, while keeping a tax exempt status. By avoiding taxation, these hospitals continue to build profit by tricking their patients, who then end up paying rates that are surely not charitable or cheaper. 

Don’t fall for the sneaky schemes and strategies that medical providers and individuals use to get the most they can out of innocent patients. If you are confused about a bill and believe it may be fraudulent, then contact a Medical Billing Lawyer for Fraud at McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt immediately for counsel.