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Our False Claims Act attorneys represent clients across the United States reporting health care fraud and other fraud against the government.  Through qui tam lawsuits, our attorneys have reported more than $2 billion in fraud to the U.S. Government, the Department of Justice, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and other government agencies.  In 2016, we helped federal and state governments recover $54 million by reporting whistleblower allegations of speaker program kickbacks at a drug company.

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Our Qui Tam Whistleblower Law Practice

Federal False Claims Act

Our qui tam law firm represents whistleblowers nationwide from our home office in Philadelphia.  For those seeking more information about qui tam lawsuits, we encourage you to visit our page on the False Claims Act.  Three of our largest areas of work under this whistleblower law are:

Health Care Fraud

As billions are lost every year by the government to Medicare and Medicaid fraud, this is a significant area of our practice.  We have represented quite a few health care whistleblowers, including doctors, nurses, sales representatives and corporate executives, in the reporting of health care fraud.

Government Contracts and Procurement Fraud

The government spends billions through grants, federal supply schedules and other procurement contracts.  A portion of the money paid out every year is done so improperly, with defense spending particularly susceptible to fraud.  We can help report fraud in government spending to save wasted taxpayer dollars and our military from defective equipment.

Customs Fraud

Businesses pay customs duties to the United States when they import goods.  However, many companies in the import/export business attempt to hide the true origin or value of their goods in order to pay less.  We can help customs whistleblowers report this wrongdoing to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

New York False Claims Act

New York has one of the strongest state FCA laws in the country and an aggressive investigation and enforcement staff to stop corporate wrongdoing within its jurisdiction.  It has even become a key location for filing tax whistleblower complaints because of its expansive qui tam law.   If you are aware of fraud happening within the boundaries of New York State, call us to discuss a possible whistleblower lawsuit.

Florida False Claims Act

By all accounts, Medicare and Medicaid fraud are rampant in South Florida.  Although cases of Medicare fraud in Miami are filed under the federal whistleblower law, Medicaid fraud involves both the Federal False claims Act and the Florida False Claims Act.  We can help you navigate the legal hurdles in these laws.

California False Claims Act

California is the world’s sixth largest economy.  The state and local governments in California spend a total of more than $500 billion annually.  The sheer amount of government procurement and health care spending in the state leaves it a target for fraud.  The California False Claims Act is one of the primary avenues to protect its spending from fraud.

Philadelphia False Claims Act

Our city also has a whistleblower law to thwart cases of procurement fraud.  Although our work representing local clients typically involves the Federal False Claims Act, we also help report smaller, local cases of contract fraud in Philadelphia.

A Few of Our Past Qui Tam Cases

Qui tam lawsuits brought by McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt attorneys have returned more than $2 billion to federal and state governments and were hard fought against numerous Fortune 500 companies, in addition to smaller fraudsters who broke the law just the same. All in all, in addition to ensuring that our clients were vindicated and protected, we have also secured more than $50 million in whistleblower rewards for our clients.

Salix Pharmaceuticals

In 2016, the Justice Department settled a case brought by McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt on behalf of its whistleblower clients against Salix Pharmaceuticals (bought by Valeant in 2015) for $54 million.  The Salix settlement resolved allegations that the company engaged in kickbacks through sham speaker programs to doctors.

ECL Solutions

In October 2015, the Government concluded an investigation into customs fraud by a military contractor with a criminal action against the company.  McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt represented a foreign whistleblower that brought the issue to the attention of the U.S. Government through a False Claims Act lawsuit.

Denver Health & Hospital Authority

In January 2012, Denver Health and Hospital Authority (“DHHA”) agreed to pay $6.3 million to settle allegations that the DHHA submitted false claims to Medicare and Medicaid by improperly submitting claims for short hospital stays as though they were “inpatient” stays when they should have been billed as less expensive “outpatient” or “observation” stays.  The relator was represented by McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt attorneys.

Cephalon Medicaid Fraud

Eric L.Young, also served as co-counsel on behalf of Lucia Paccione, a former Cephalon sales representative who filed a qui tam complaint reporting America’s largest biotechnology Medicaid fraud case. The case involved unlawful off-label marketing by Cephalon of drugs including Gabitril, Actiq, and Provigil. On September 29, 2008, it was announced that Ms. Paccione’s qui tam complaint led to the federal and numerous state governments’ recovery of $425 Million in a Civil Settlement.

Pfizer Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

One such case involved Pfizer, Inc., in which McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt’s Eric L. Young, served as co-counsel for 2 of the whistleblowers — the case resolved for $2.3 Billion. In that case, Pfizer agreed to plead guilty to criminal conduct in addition to the payment of both criminal and civil fines, penalties and damages after being faced with the substantial evidence presented by and through the whistleblowers and their attorneys which established that the pharmaceutical giant defrauded Medicare, Medicaid and other government-funded health care programs in connection with its market practices for four of its drugs.

Our Current False Claims Act and Drug/Device Lawsuits

Here are a few cases that we are presently litigating under the False Claims Act:

Novartis Cardiovascular Drugs
Novartis is accused of paying doctors to attend and lecture at sham speaker programs held by its cardiovascular division.  The United States Government and New York State have intervened in the lawsuit and are proceeding against Novartis based on the allegations it violated the Anti-Kickback Statute.

Pfizer Vfend
Our qui tam lawsuit accuses Pfizer of paying illegal kickbacks to doctors and engaging in off label marketing of Vfend.

Teva Kickbacks
Our qui tam lawsuit on behalf of whistleblowers against Teva alleges that the company paid kickbacks to doctors for speaker programs and other programs with respect to two drugs.

Our firm also litigates other cases of misconduct by pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.  Here are two that we are presently litigating:

Olympus Duodenoscopes
Our personal injury attorneys have filed a lawsuit against Olympus.  The complaint alleges that one of their duodenoscopes resulted in a severe infection to a patient.

Bayer’s Essure Device
Our law firm is co-counsel in several lawsuits against Bayer over side effects suffered by patients following their use of the permanent birth control device Essure.

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