Export-Import Bank Loan Whistleblowers

Are you aware of a foreign company or U.S. exporter making false statements to obtain loans from the Export-Import Bank, or a lender improperly obtaining loan guarantees for its customers?  If yes, you may report it to the U.S. Government via the Department of Justice through a lawsuit under the False Claims Act.

Our attorneys represent individuals who have evidence of violations of the False Claims Act like these involving the Export-Import Bank.  Our law firm represents more than 40 whistleblowers who have provided information which the U.S. Government is actively investigating.

Examples of Violations

There have been several lawsuits filed under the False Claims Act involving improper conduct by U.S. exporters, foreign companies or financial institutions.

Foreign Companies and U.S. Exporters

An exporter and foreign business agent misrepresented key terms for a construction project in Turkey.  They misrepresented the amount of the down payment of the borrower and the amount that would be spent on local costs instead of goods made in the United States.  The exporter marked up estimates for goods up to 300% and did not verify the accuracy of the information.


An employee of a financial institution created fake documents to obtain Ex-Im Bank loan guarantees and embezzled the funds received from the fake transactions. The financial institution allowed the scheme because it did not provide adequate supervision or oversight to its outsourced credit review functions.

The Benefits of Reporting

The Right Thing to Do

The U.S. Government loses billions every year to false and fraudulent claims for payment in the health care industry, defense contractors and even foreign aid.  It is able to recover some of that money through the False Claims Act, which created a public private partnership to encourage individuals to bring information to the Government.  It is the nation’s most successful law fighting fraud.

Whistleblower Rewards

The False Claims Act will pay relators between 15 and 30 percent of the U.S. Government’s recovery if they comply with the law’s terms.

Retaliation Protections

Section 3730(h) of the False Claims Act protects whistleblowers from retaliation.

About the Export-Import Bank

The Export-Import Bank of the United States (also known as the Ex-Im Bank) is the official export credit agency of the United States.  It finances sales of U.S. exports to buyers overseas to create and protect American jobs.  It is a lender of last resort, providing guarantees to help secure financing for transactions that commercial banks will otherwise not fund.  The Ex-Im Bank has insured shipments, guaranteed credit or disbursed loans in the amount of $152 billion.

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