Millions in Pay Recovered for Employees

McEldrew Young represents employees in Philadelphia and nationwide in class action lawsuits for unpaid wages, unpaid overtime and other pay issues under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Wage Theft Lawyers

Our attorneys will review your wages and work history to determine whether your employer has violated wage and hour law under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

In the past, our attorneys have sued Sunoco, Best Buy, Smithfield, Hatfield, Pilgrim’s Pride, Cargill Meat Solutions and other employers to help workers collect the back pay that they are owed.

We help employees or former employees who are fed up with being paid less than they are entitled to under the law.  We will investigate and, if appropriate, file a class-action lawsuit under the Fair Labor Standards Act to seek the pay your employer has failed to provide.

You do not have to suffer unfair pay.  In 2015, workers recovered almost $2 billion from employers through wage theft lawsuits according to an Economic Policy Institute report.

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Wage Theft Costs Workers Billions
We Sue Your Employer for Back Pay

Unpaid Overtime

Find out if you are owed 1.5x during overtime hours.

Unpaid Tips

Servers can sue to recover unpaid tips in many cases.

Travel Time

Find out if you are owed unpaid travel time or expenses.

Unpaid Breaks

Lunches and breaks must be paid in certain cases.

Minimum Wage

Pay below the hourly minimum for time worked.

Off-Clock Work

You must be paid for all time before/after work.


Speak to us if you have been fired for reporting pay problems.

Other Pay Issues

Call us if you suspect other issues with your pay.

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