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Has Your Employer Failed to Pay You According to the Law?

Wage Theft Costs Workers Billions

Our attorneys will review your wages and work history to determine whether your employers have violated wage and hour law under the Fair Labor Standards Act

A September 2014 report by the Economic Policy Institute found that employers are failing to pay employees billions of dollars a year.

Many employees accept wage theft because they do not have a choice.  They need the income to support themselves or their family.  We understand the predicament.

We help employees or former employees who are fed up with being paid less than they are entitled to under the law.  We will investigate and, if appropriate, file a class-action lawsuit under the Fair Labor Standards Act to seek the pay your employer has failed to provide.

In the past, our attorneys have sued Sunoco, Best Buy, Smithfield, Hatfield, Pilgrim’s Pride, Cargill Meat Solutions and other employers to help workers collect the back pay that they are owed.

If Your Employer Has Engaged in Wage Theft,

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Our employment lawyers will litigate cases involving:

Unpaid Work

Employers must pay their employees for time spent working. It can be difficult to determine what is and is not considered working. Some examples include:

Minimum Wage Violations

There are certain employees who may be illegally paid below minimum wage.  Some situations where this arises:

Tip Theft

Restaurants owners and managers have taken millions from servers and staff by stealing tips.  Tips belong to the employees and not to the employer.  However, there are many legal issues that arise in determining what is a tip.  A few of these issues involve tip pools, service charges and credit card processing.  We can review the policies of your employer to determine whether they are correcting paying tips.

Unpaid Internships

There are strict rules set by the U.S. Department of Labor governing when an internship can be unpaid.  Corporations have flouted these rules for many years but recent lawsuits have challenged the practices.  NBCUniversal and Conde Nast, for example, have settled lawsuits brought contesting the legitimacy of their unpaid work.

Misclassified Workers

Employers have financial incentives to improperly classify employees as independent contractors in order to shift the burden of paying employment taxes and health insurance on to you.  You may nevertheless be considered an employee of the corporation entitled to the benefits that you have been denied.  The determination is based on the specific facts of your situation so please contact us so that we can evaluate it.

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We Will Bring a Class Action Lawsuit on Behalf of You and Your Co-Workers to Recover Back Pay for You.