Tire Blowout Lawyer Philadelphia, PA

tire blowout lawyer Philadelphia PATire Blowout Lawyer Philadelphia, PA

Victims who suffered physically and financially due to a tire blowout, must obtain legal representation from a Tire Blowout Lawyer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt without hesitation. In recent years, thousands and thousands of tires have been recalled within the United States. Most of these were manufactured by some of the most reputable tire design companies. These recalls are often linked to a flawed design that causes tread separation, which is a leading contributing factor in tire blowouts. 

We all know that America’s roadways are dangerous. There are numerous factors that contribute to the risk of accident while people travel from point A to point B: mechanical failure, roadway debris, negligence of another driver, dangerous weather conditions — the list could go on forever! But one of the more common, yet often less considered hazards are defective tires that “blow out” while on the roadway.

Our Tire Blowout Lawyers in PA are dedicated to helping victims of accidents caused by the negligence of a tire manufacturer, or those responsible for maintaining safe roadways, or any number of  negligent parties that may have contributed to the defective device.

Improper Materials and Tread Separation

In the last few years alone, millions of tires have been recalled in the United States — all of them manufactured by some of the country’s most reputed and recognized companies. As a tire blowout lawyer in Philadelphia, PA can explain, these recalls were more often than not catalyzed by a defective design that caused “read separation” — a major reason for a tire blow out.

If the design and adhesive used to get these layers to stick together is defective, the tread can separate while the car is in motion. Tires that were made with poor quality adhesive or were exposed to moisture while in production could lead to disaster if a person experiences a tire blowout while driving. Any flaw in the tire design, manufacturer, or installation can lead to a catastrophic tire blowout accident.

Tires are comprised of many “piles” or “layers.” If not properly adhered to one another, the tread of the tire can separate while one the roadway causing serious accidents. If a manufacturer sells tires made from substandard material or in substandard conditions (including damp conditions that would limit the layer’s ability to properly adhere) or a mechanic installs tires not designed to be used for a specific vehicle type, it could put the vehicle operator at risk. If you think you’ve been the victim of a blowout caused by these factors, it may be in your best interest to call a Philadelphia, PA Tire Blowout Lawyer from McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt.

Percentage of Driver Error

While a small portion of accidents related to tire blowouts are because of driver error, a large number are due to faulty design of the tire. Unfortunately, not many people may realize the tire blowout could have been the fault of the manufacturer. Victims of a tire blowout accident may believe it was simply an unlucky moment or something they have done wrong, in which they now have to suffer the financial consequences of the accident.

A PA Tire Blowout Lawyer in Philadelphia recommends victims reaching out to us about the tire blowout, to see who was likely responsible for the accident. Other major factors include:

  • Improper maintenance
  • Tire defects
  • Overloaded trailer
  • Poor road conditions

Low Air Pressure in Tires

Of course, drivers do have a responsibility to maintain their tires after installation and ensure that proper air pressure in tires is at a safe level at all times. Some vehicles have a warning light that flickers when tire air pressure is low, so the driver can become aware of the issue right away. A Tire Blowout Lawyer in Pennsylvania wants victims of tire blowouts to know that if the warning light failed to go on in your vehicle, then the car manufacturer may be held responsible to a certain degree for the injuries and property damage incurred from the tire blowout.

Preventing Tire Blowout

Though some blowouts are simply unpreventable, there are steps you can take to ensure the safety of your vehicle and those riding in it. It’s important to routinely check your tires for the following:

  • Fabric breaks
  • Bumps or bulges due to internal damage
  • Cuts and cracks in the rubber
  • Visible or damaged cord

What to Do After a Tire Blowout

Tire blowouts can happen suddenly, whether you are driving in a residential area or on a highway. This dangerous situation can happen within a fraction of a second, and it can be difficult to direct the vehicle after the tire has blown out. However, there are ways to respond so that you are handling the tire blowout to help reduce potential injury and property damage:

  • Slowly take foot off the gas pedal instead of slamming on brakes
  • Coast the vehicle off to the shoulder out of the way of traffic
  • Remain calm and try not to panic, as this can escalate the situation
  • Turn on emergency flashing lights once you have gotten back in control of the vehicle and are moving over to the side of the road

Contact Our Legal Team

The NHTSA estimates that 8,000+ car accidents every year can be attributed to tire blowouts. If you believe you have been a victim of a blown out tire due to someone else’s negligence – be it a manufacturer, installer, mechanic involved in maintenance, or another party, contact a Tire Blowout Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA from McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt today.

The Five Steps of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Defining the outcome of a personal injury claim is nearly impossible, especially when delving into the varying levels of damages. However, while the specifics of every personal injury lawsuit are unique, there are several elements that every case has in common. In fact, there are at least five steps in every personal injury claim that are similar and rudimentary to the entire process. The following is a brief overview. A tire blowout lawyer in Philadelphia PA can evaluate the details of your case. 

  1. Injury and Philadelphia PA Tire Blowout Lawyer

The most vital element of any personal injury claim is an injury. While injuries do not necessarily have to be physical, it is necessary that any damage can be proven and substantiated through documentation and expert testimony. After determining the injury, it is necessary to determine value and liability. The injured party should find, consult, and hire a tire blowout lawyer in Philadelphia PA. While it is not necessary to hire a tire blowout lawyer, it is advisable, especially for complex hearings.

  1. Filing and Serving

After determining that there is merit to the case, then it is time to review any potential red tape or procedural hurdles. For example, most personal injury claims carry a statute of limitations of two to three years. However, these limitations can be expanded for extenuating circumstances. If everything checks out, then your Philadelphia PA tire blowout lawyer will make an official filing of your lawsuit with the court and serve the defendant with the papers.

  1. Defense Attorney

Once the documents are served, the defendant must respond or face legal ramifications. Most jurisdictions allow a defendant a grace period of about a month to find an attorney before the official court date. If the defendant has insurance, then the insurance company may hire their own defense lawyer.

  1. Pre-Trial Litigation

Once both sides have an attorney, they will begin the pre-trial process, which includes discovery and intermittent court appearances. Discovery is when each side presents the evidence and witness information they have proving their case. The court appearances are meant to update the judge about how things are going. The initial court appearance will also be when both parties either agree or disagree on mediation or arbitration. It is during this phase that your Philadelphia PA tire blowout lawyer will build the case against the other party. 

  1. Likely Settlement

Most personal injury cases settle before it ever reaches trial. Often the two parties will enter into settlement negotiations with the plaintiff providing the first settlement offer before filing any complaint. Unfortunately, settlement negotiations or mediations can go on for months or years depending on the severity and significance of the claim.

Personal injury lawsuits can be long and exhausting, which is why hiring a tire blowout lawyer in Philadelphia PA clients recommend from McEldrew Young Purtell Merritt might be in your best interest. Contact a local personal injury lawyer and discuss the outlook of your case.