PA Defective Guardrail Lawyers

PA Defective Guardrail Lawyers

PA Defective Guardrail Lawyers

PA defective guardrail lawyers are well aware that the last thing any person expects when they get behind the wheel, is to succumb to a motor vehicle accident. While some may be the result of another negligent driver, there are a variety of reasons that a car accident may occur. Guardrails are an important safety measure on roadways today, put in place to serve a very clear purpose. 

What happens when a guardrail is defective or does not serve its intended purpose? The aftermath of a car accident can be severe enough, when a guardrail is defective, the results may be disastrous, resulting in serious injuries, even death. PA defective guardrail lawyers at McEldrew Young Purtell can provide you with the immediate guidance you need in order to obtain the damages you are entitled, if you or someone you love have been injured or died due to a defective guardrail. 

The Purpose of a Guardrail

If a motorist is in a collision, loses control of their vehicle, or veers off the road, guardrails are in place to protect the driver. Guardrails can not only stop a vehicle, but they can also protect them from steep embankments that may result in more serious or even deadly outcomes. A guardrail in proper working order, absorbs energy by giving way to support the vehicle. This should help to protect a driver, not cause further damage. 

Defective Guardrails

Our PA defective guardrail lawyers have represented cases involving guardrails that have produced disastrous results. While significant advancements have been made to prevent further injuries from occurring, when manufacturers use cheaper materials to produce guardrails, they may be defective. In most cases, defective guardrails may be the result of a defect in the design or during the manufacturing process. For victims who have succumbed to an accident involving a defective guardrail, you and your family may be significantly impacted. It’s important that you contact a trusted Pennsylvania defective guardrail lawyer at McEldrew Young Purtell as soon as possible to determine how best to move forward in a case where a defective guardrail played a role in the crash.  

The Aftermath of a Crash Involving Defective Guardrails

Car accidents have the ability to produce catastrophic results. Because a guardrail is expected to act as a safety mechanism for a vehicle, when they are defective, they may result in more serious injuries. Guardrails are in place not only to help slow a vehicle down, they also protect a vehicle from falling into steep embankments, or other potentially hazardous roadside situations. PA defective guardrail lawyers have experience in representing cases where victims have faced:

  • Brain Injuries
  • Lost Limbs
  • Broken Bones
  • Paralysis
  • Back Injuries
  • Death

The period of time following a motor vehicle accident can be incredibly chaotic and troublesome, when facing serious injuries, it can be easy to focus on the healing process, putting off legal action. Allow for a defective guardrail lawyer that PA residents trust to take the lead on the legal end of things. Our firm will help to put together a case that allows you to obtain damages from the accident while you focus on your recovery. 

If you suspect that the accident you were in was made worse by a defective guardrail that did not serve its purpose, your next step should be to contact McEldrew Young Purtell, PA defective guardrail lawyers as soon as possible. They will be able to take the time to carefully review your case and the damages you have suffered to determine if legal action may be taken. Contact McEldrew Young Purtell, defective guardrail lawyers from PA today to schedule a complimentary case review, and determine if legal action should be taken.