Fisher-Price Rock’n’ Play Sleeper Defective Product Lawsuits

Fisher-Price Rock'n' Play Sleeper Defective Product LawsuitsFisher-Price Rock’n’ Play Sleeper Defective Product Lawsuits

Fisher Price has recalled 4.7 million Rock n’ Play Sleepers and warned consumers against using it. The massive recall comes after 32 infants tragically lost their life since 2011.

The decision was made one week after the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission released a joint statement with Fisher Price about using the product. Their warning suggested parents to discontinue its use once the baby turned three months old or began to roll over. The American Academy of Pediatrics and Consumer Reports, along with grieving parents, were not satisfied with the warning, particularly because a majority of infants were well under three months of age and unable to roll over.

Sadly, the recall came too late for at least 32 families. If your child lost their life while using the Rock’n’ Play Sleeper, our firm would like to discuss your case the Fisher-Price Rock’n’ Play Sleeper defective product lawsuits.

What You Should Know About the Fisher-Price Rock’n Play Sleeper Defective Product Lawsuits


At this time, investigations are underway to determine how, why, and what led to the death of 32 infants. Most of the cases involve the infant rolling over while unrestrained, but other circumstances may apply. Mattel, the parent company of Fisher Price, and Fisher Price has not admitted any fault. Rather, they have warned against using the product and have said they believe the deaths to be attributed to health conditions on part of the infant, or that the product was being used against the recommendations stated in the manual.


Medical Experts Say the Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Play Is Not Safe for All Night Sleep


On the box of the Rock n’ Play Sleeper, it clearly says the product is safe for “all night sleep”. The Fisher Price website also states that the inclined sleep helps babies to all night long. However, these statements are against the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations in that a baby should sleep on their backs, on a flat surface, and away from cushions or blankets.


It is thought that the Fisher Price Rock’n’ Play Sleeper is unsafe due to it’s design. Because the sleeper is positioned at an incline, the baby could shift and become trapped; thereby suffocate on the cloth that lines the product. Although the risk increases with the child’s age and ability to roll, younger infants are still at risk. Some of the deaths have involved children who were unable to rollover, but still suffocated.


A Law Firm with Years of Experience in Handling Defective Product Cases


Whenever a child has lost their life, we will be ready to fight tooth and nail for the family. In terms of the Fisher-Price Rock’n’ Play Sleeper defective product lawsuits, we know that cases like these will require the best lawyers with ample resources. At McEldrew Young Purtell, we have the experience, skill, tenacity, and resources to build a case against Fisher Price.


We are currently investigating the Fisher Price Rock’n’ Play Sleeper cases and are ready to represent any parent who lost their child to this defective product. To learn more about the Fisher-Price Rock’n’ Play Sleeper defective product lawsuits, call McEldrew Young Purtell.