Fisher-Price Rock n’ Play Sleeper Lawsuits

Fisher-Price Rock n’ Play Sleeper LawsuitsMcEldrew Young Purtell Represents Fisher-Price Rock n’ Play Sleeper Lawsuits


If your family has suffered the unimaginable tragedy of the loss of your child in an accident involving the Fisher-Price Rock n’ Play Sleeper, consider pursuing lawsuits against the manufacturer. Many infants have lost their lives due to this defective product. The cause of death has been asphyxia, which occurs when an infant rolls over in the Fisher-Price Rock n’ Play Sleeper and is unable to breathe. As a result, a number of lawsuits against Fisher-Price are currently in progress because of their Rock n’ Play Sleeper product.

Call McEldrew Young Purtell immediately if your child was harmed or killed when using this product. We can help you seek justice against this negligent company that has so far refused to take the Rock n’ Play Sleeper off the market, despite knowing of its dangers.


Proof of Negligence

One of the criteria that must be met to prove the validity of a defective product lawsuit is that the manufacturer was aware that its product was potentially harmful but did nothing to address the issue or stop selling it to the public. A product manufacturer has a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure that the products they sell do not cause harm to the consumer when used in the way intended by the manufacturer. Additionally, should the manufacturer become aware that their product is dangerous or harmful, they must address the problem or else take it off the market.


In fact, Fisher-Price is aware of the dangers associated with their Rock n’ Play Sleeper. Consumer Reports looked into deaths of infants associated with using the sleeper and they identified 32 fatalities caused by the Fisher-Price Rock n’ Play Sleeper, though not all parents have yet filed lawsuits against the company. In addition, the American Academy of Pediatrics has publicly demanded that Fisher-Price recall the product due to its connect to the infants’ deaths. To date, Fisher-Price has denied responsibility for those deaths and refuses to recall the Rock n’ Play Sleeper, despite the active lawsuits against them.


Litigation Against Fisher-Price

If your family lost a child and you suspect that their death was caused by the Rock n’ Play Sleeper, contact McEldrew Young Purtell to learn if you are eligible to file one or more lawsuits against Fisher-Price. Parents who have suffered a terrible loss in this way have the right to demand justice. Successful lawsuits against Fisher-Price may help to force them to remove the Rock n’ Play Sleeper from the market, thus saving additional children’s lives. If the company is forced to pay substantial settlements to the parents who lost their child, it may cause them to finally take responsibility for their alleged negligence.  


Warnings to Parents

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission is warning parents that a number of infant deaths have occurred in conjunction with their use of the Rock n’ Play Sleeper. They are recommending that if an infant is old enough to rollover on its own (which is usually by three months of age), the child is in danger of asphyxiation if restraints are not used to prevent the child from rolling.

To learn more about the lawsuits against Fisher-Price due to their defective Rock n’ Play Sleeper product, contact McEldrew Young Purtell.