Defective Tire Lawsuits

Defective Tire Lawsuits

Defective Tire Lawsuits

When driving your vehicle, the last thing you expect is to experience an accident that results in a defective tire lawsuit. While most drivers are aware that they stand to face a number of hazards while on the road, succumbing to an accident that was the result of a defective tire was probably the last thing on your mind. Facing the harsh reality of substantial injuries in the aftermath of a car accident can leave accident victims feeling not only in pain, but frustration. Knowing how best to proceed when considering a defective tire lawsuit may be complicated without the help of a lawyer. McEldrew Young Purtell are a group of passionate and respected lawyers in Pennsylvania, who are ready to dedicate time and energy towards helping you obtain compensation for the damages you have suffered. 

Building a Case for Your Defective Tire Lawsuit

When a consumer purchases a product, they expect the product to be effective. Not only should a product function properly, but it should also be free from defects that pose dangers to the consumer. When an accident occurs that was the result of a defective tire, you may be able to hold the manufacturer accountable through a defective tire lawsuit. McEldrew Young Purtell will carefully review your case to determine if the tire blowout that caused your accident was the result of a defective. When building a successful defective tire lawsuit, our lawyers will:

  • Help to prove that the tire was unsafe by demonstrating that its failure to perform effectively was the result of the car accident
  • Identify the party who should be held responsible; this may not only include the manufacturer but car dealerships or service centers
  • Gather evidence that supports your case that may include:
    • Police Reports
    • Photographs of the Crash
    • Information about the tire (make/model)
    • Any leftover tire fragments

We know that in the wake of your accident you are likely to be consumed with your recovery. However, by working with McEldrew Young Purtell, we can take the lead in managing your defective tire lawsuit so that you are able to properly recover from the accident. 

McEldrew Young Purtell Can Help

Managing a defective tire lawsuit is not something you should even consider without the legal guidance of McEldrew Young Purtell. Our law firm can provide you with a team of professionals who will be dedicated and steadfast in helping to obtain the best possible outcome for your case. Defective tire lawsuits come with their fair share of challenges, making it essential that you work with a lawyer who has experience in this particular area of practice. By retaining our counsel, you are obtaining the services of legal professionals who will: 

  • Work tirelessly for you
  • Clearly outline each step to your defective tire lawsuit
  • Be responsive to your needs
  • Provide you with regular case updates
  • Help gather key pieces of evidence to help prove your case

We know that the decision to move forward with a defective tire lawsuit is not one that you have taken lightly. Perhaps one of the most important decisions you will make when taking legal action is obtaining a lawyer who can provide you with the results you are looking for. McEldrew Young Purtell provides complimentary case consultations to give prospective clients the opportunity to ask questions pertaining to their case. Together, we can determine if pursuing a defective tire lawsuit is in your best interest. 

Our trusted Philadelphia lawyers at McEldrew Young Purtell are committed to helping our clients reach timely resolutions to their defective tire lawsuits so that they are able to move on with their lives. While no amount of money may be able to help you feel whole again, our efforts can ensure that you are at least able to cover the damages you experienced from the accident. Contact McEldrew Young Purtell today to determine if pursuing a defective tire lawsuit is the best way to move forward with your case.