Defective Guardrail Lawyer Philadelphia, PA

defective guardrail lawyer Philadelphia PADefective Guardrail Lawyer Philadelphia, PA


Though intended to enhance public safety, guardrails along much of America’s roadways are all too often the catalyst for major injury in the event of an accident. A defective guardrail lawyer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at McEldrew Young can assist those who have been injured in such accidents seek the compensation they deserve. Contact our firm today to discuss your case and get more information on how our team can help.


How do guard rails protect against injury?


When properly designed and installed, a guardrail purpose is to absorb as much force as possible resulting from an accident-caused impact, and disperse it away from any driver or passenger involved at the point of impact. From a more scientific perspective, they are designed to disperse energy over time by allowing a certain amount of give at an initial impact point, providing more time for the full force of the kinetic energy of the car to be stopped by the static energy of the rail. Essentially, much in the way modern engine bays are designed to give on impact, so too are guardrails to allow for the greatest amount of energy to be dispersed before the impact reaches the passengers. A well-engineered guardrail end terminal is designed in a similar fashion; however, recently, improperly redesigned guardrails have failed to implement this life saving science, leading to catastrophic injuries where drivers and passengers were impaled or lost one or more of their limbs because the end terminal remained rigid upon impact.


Why were changes made?


In short, the redesign would shave an extra few inches of materials from the tried and true design that would save manufacturers of the safety equipment money — it’s been reported, about $2.00 a unit. Over time, this would amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings to the company — but at what cost to the public? As a defective guardrail lawyer in Philadelphia, PA knows all too well, the cost to the public has been incalculable. Multiple personal injury cases, many of which have resulted in catastrophic injury or even wrongful death, have been filed as a result of guardrail manufacturers trying to bolster their quarterly profit margins.


How widespread are these defective guardrails?


The effects of this design change are far-reaching, with potentially nation-wide consequences. As as defective guardrail lawyer in Philadelphia, PA can explain, any state where modified versions were installed presents a potential risk to motorists.


If you have already suffered an injury due to a potentially defective guardrail that “throat locked” and speared your vehicle, rather than crumbling to disperse the energy of the impact to protect you, you should speak with an experienced defective guardrail lawyer in Philadelphia, PA from the McEldrew Young firm.  We have dedicated our lives to fighting for the rights of those who have been injured by someone else’s negligence, and we’re ready to help you, today. Call now.