A World Health Organization report found few nations are prepared to handle superbug infections. The report released today reviewed government plans to fight antibiotic resistance and found that only 34 out of 133 countries even had them.

The report found that many countries lacked strategies to prevent misuse of antibiotics and insufficient monitoring to detect and identify disease outbreaks. An individual commenting on the report in Reuters called drug-resistant infections one of the biggest threats to global health.

President Obama recently proposed a national plan to address antibiotic resistance including additional resources to develop new antibiotics. The $1.2 billion, five year action plan seeks to preserve the effectiveness of existing antibiotics as well as develop new, next generation antibiotics

Superbug infections have most recently become an issue in the United States because of the revelation that they were spreading through the use of contaminated duodenoscopes manufactured by Olympus and other providers. For additional information about this crisis, visit our page on duodenoscope superbug infections.

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