Construction Accident Injuries

If you are an injured pedestrian, bystander or worker in a construction accident, contact one of the Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at McEldrew Young for a free legal consultation.

Falling Debris

Falling objects from construction sites can cause injuries such as traumatic brain injury, paralysis and death.  They result from falling masonry, concrete, and handheld tools striking either construction workers or pedestrians.  A Wall Street Journal article found that approximately one passerby a month is injured near a construction site in New York City due to falling material.

Crane Accident

There are approximately 75 fatalities every year in the United States due to incidents involving cranes.  No type of crane is safe from potential problems.  Overhead, mobile, truck and rail mounted cranes have all caused deaths in individuals nearby when they were being operated.  A handful of individuals are struck every year by cranes and even more are killed when objects transported by the crane fall.  Although injures in crane incidents typically impact construction workers, bystandards can also be injured.

Building Collapse

Mistakes during construction can threaten the structural integrity of both the building under construction as well as the surrounding buildings.  Demolition projects are especially dangerous, as wrecking balls, excavators and hydraulic equipment can result in unintended consequences if operated negligently.  If you were injured in a building collapse due to the negligence of a construction company, contact our personal injury lawyers for a free legal consultation.

Construction Worker Injuries

Falls are the leading cause of death among workers in the construction industry as companies build commercial buildings, manufacturing plants and residential homes.  Falls from roofs, scaffolding collapses, ladder missteps, and while erecting steel structural supports.  Other incidents that may cause serious injuries include electrocution, being struck by a falling object, or being run over by operating equipment.  Ironworkers and individuals in road construction are especially dangerous as they may fall or be hit by speeding vehicles. professions.

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