Attorneys for CFTC Whistleblowers

Our CFTC whistleblower attorneys represent Dodd-Frank whistleblowers submitting tips regarding violations of the federal securities and commodities laws.  As the CFTC specifically is in charge of regulation and enforcement in the commodity and derivative markets, we direct relevant tips concerning misconduct in options, futures, currencies (including forex and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin), swaps and commodities there.

If you have evidence that will help the Government start a new investigation or advance a pending investigation into a violation of the Commodities Exchange Act or CFTC rules, contact a lawyer at McEldrew Young today to seek legal representation by calling 1-800-590-4116.  We will help you submit your tip to the CFTC or SEC, as appropriate.

Our CFTC Whistleblower Practice

Our CFTC whistleblower lawyers have helped several corporate insiders report evidence of violations of the CEA and CFTC regulations. In general, we look to help people who can articulate a clear legal violation, have evidence demonstrating the misconduct, and there is a theory for harm to investors or the market as a result of the wrongdoing. Because the CFTC has a limited amount of resources, we package this evidence and other information into a compelling narrative that explains why the U.S. Government should take action against the company.

We have written extensively on matters involving the CFTC on our blog.  We were one of a handful of attorneys to comment on the changes to the CFTC whistleblower rules proposed in 2016 and adopted in 2017.

Confidentiality and Anonymity

Under the rules of the CFTC program, hiring a whistleblower attorney allows you to withhold your name from the CFTC and avoid listing it on the Form TCR that is submitted. We have represented several CFTC whistleblowers on this basis. We understand that keeping your identity confidential can be an important part of your willingness to provide information to the U.S. Government. We also understand that your identity can be an important aspect of the assessment of your credibility by an enforcement attorney at the Government. We do our best to ensure that the Government gets all of the information that it needs without compromising your identity. If the CFTC requests your identity, we will determine the nature of the reason for the request and do our best to explain this to you so that you can make a decision on how to proceed.

International Whistleblowers

We have represented several whistleblowers located overseas and are intimately familiar with the challenges in these types of cases. We understand that commodities are traded globally and that misconduct often happens overseas which impacts U.S. markets, investors and law. If you are located in a foreign country, you are eligible to participate in the CFTC whistleblower reward program. We will work with you to make sure that your location does not hinder your submission.  It doesn’t matter whether you are in London or Tokyo if you have relevant and substantial information about violations of the commodities laws.

Anti-Retaliation Protections

We also represent commodities whistleblowers that have been retaliated against by their employer or third-party as a result of internal or external reporting of misconduct.  We are intimately familiar with the complexity of the law in this area and are closely following developments following the 2017 Supreme Court appeal challenging the scope of the Dodd-Frank whistleblower protections.  Although this lawsuit directly implicates an interpretation of the SEC whistleblower program, it is possible it will also alter how CFTC retaliation claims are litigated.  If you have a potential retaliation claim, please call 1-800-590-4116 immediately to discuss it.

Our Whistleblower Experience

Eric Young has represented clients across the spectrum of whistleblower programs including significant success under the False Claims Act and the IRS whistleblower program. Our attorneys stay up to date with changes in the laws governing these programs and closely follow available public information about government investigations in order to be able to get up to speed on new areas of enforcement actions quickly for clients.  Our breadth of experience also allows us to assist clients with novel legal issues in one program based on our experience with how other government whistleblower programs handle the issue.

Our Free, Confidential Initial Consultations

Call 1-800-590-4116 to speak to Eric Young or one of our other CFTC whistleblower lawyers.  When you call, we will engage in a conversation about what has happened, what evidence you have to prove the law has been broken, and how to proceed from the present. We will also answer your questions about the process and our firm so that you can proceed with us with comfort.  We also use this time to figure out whether your situation is one where we are willing to expend the time and resources to represent you.  We represent all whistleblowers on a contingency fee agreement.  If we believe your case might have merit, the next step is for us to take a look at your evidence.  If the evidence confirms what you have said, then we suggest a retainer agreement to proceed with an attorney-client relationship.

About the CFTC Program

The CFTC whistleblower program provides for rewards of between 10 and 30 percent to eligible whistleblowers following a monetary recovery of over $1 million. The program’s rules are complex and there are many technical requirements which could trip up a potential whistleblower without a legal background. There is also an extensive application process following a successful enforcement action. We help our whistleblower clients walk through this process and avoid missteps which could impact their claim.

The CFTC is Ready to Investigate Your Tip.

The CFTC has received over a thousand tips concerning suspected violations of its laws and regulations.  It has issued four whistleblower awards to date – including one for $10 million.  The CFTC whistleblower program expects to issue more soon, according to the financial report it issued with its 2017 annual report.

The CFTC has brought billion dollar enforcement actions against financial institutions for manipulation of Libor, interest rates, Forex benchmark rates and credit default swaps.  They are involved in large investigations of misconduct in the precious metals market, the ISDAfix, dividend arbitrage and oil price manipulation that may result in substantial settlements.

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