Attorneys for CFTC Whistleblowers

Our attorneys represent Dodd-Frank whistleblowers submitting tips to the CFTC and SEC programs.  The CFTC regulates the commodity and derivative markets.  If you have evidence that will help them start a new investigation or advance a pending investigation into a violation of the Commodities Exchange Act or CFTC rules, contact a lawyer at McEldrew Young today to seek legal representation by calling 1-800-590-4116.  We will help you submit your tip to the appropriate whistleblower program.

The CFTC is Ready to Investigate Your Tip.

The CFTC has received hundreds of tips concerning suspected violations of its laws and regulations.  It has now issued four whistleblower awards to date – including one for $10 million.  Do not let the small size of this regulatory agency fool you.  They have brought billion dollar enforcement actions against financial institutions for manipulation of Libor, interest rates, Forex benchmark rates and credit default swaps.  They are involved in large investigations of misconduct in the precious metals market, the ISDAfix, dividend arbitrage and oil price manipulation that may result in substantial settlements.

We’re Prepared for Complex Cases

Afraid we won’t be able to speak the lingo to the CFTC or uncover the violation?

We regularly consult with a former options market maker, a former SEC attorney, an accountant-lawyer and several securities litigators when a case requires industry expertise.

We’re Good at Explaining Complex Ideas, Too.

You are a subject matter expert in your domain.  The person reading your tip is a government attorney with a full load of work and not enough support to get it done.

We take complex violations of securities laws and simplify them so that even your mom and dad would know the company deserves to be fined for breaking the law.

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