Falling Furniture Injury Attorneys

The tip-over danger of bedroom dressers has been the subject of numerous media reports. Dressers are not the only furniture at risk of tipping over. Falling televisions and appliances have also led to thousands of emergency-department treated injuries. In fact, 65% of these product injuries were the result of a falling TV or TV along with furniture.

The dangers is particularly acute for children. A Consumer Product Safety Commission poster warns that 1 child dies every 2 weeks when a TV, furniture or appliance falls on him or her. But children are not the only people at risk: 12% of reported fatalities from furniture instability or tip-over involves seniors and 4% involve adults ages 28 to 59 years old.

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Products that have resulted in injuries include chests of drawers, bureaus, dressers, shelving units, bookcases, refrigerators, microwaves and stove/ovens. A few with particular risk:

Ikea Dresser Tip-Over Injury Risk

There have already been 7 deaths and numerous other injuries from the popular three drawer Malm dresser sold by Ikea. The company has recalled 29 million dressers that pose a safety risk.

Inadequate TV Anchoring

If you are injured by a wall mounted TV that was professionally installed, contained a manufacturing defect or inadequate installation instructions, you may be entitled to compensation from the responsible party. If a TV or TV stand tips due to poor manufacturing or design, you may also have a viable lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Appliance Injuries

The majority of injuries from falling appliances involve a tipped stove oven. Refrigerators can also be at risk. There can also be a viable lawsuit if the tip is the result of a manufacturing issue or there is inadequate warning about the risk.

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