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We live in a high tech society surrounded by background and man-made radiation, from the food we eat to our cell phones we keep in our pocket or purse. In the medical field however, radiation has become a part of more diagnostic tests and treatments than ever before. This increases the risk of patients being overexposed to radiation and radiation injuries occurring.

“The average person today will be exposed to seven times as much radiation during his or her life than in previous generations.”

Increased use of radiation in diagnosis and treatment

The use of radiation in medicine has become pervasive and routine (1). Radiation may provide many benefits, but it can also cause potential harm. Most of us are unaware of how integral radiation has become to diagnostic testing and treating illnesses. While everyone is aware of the use of radiation during X rays, it is less common knowledge that MRI tests are performed while using ionized radiation in order to produce the images generated in the scans. Every imaging test utilizes radiation to some degree and it is estimated that the average person today will be exposed to seven times as much radiation during his or her life than in previous generations (2)

Radiation therapy is also very popular in the treatment of various forms of cancers. Unfortunately, the misapplication of radiation may result in worsening the cancer or developing new cancer cells— especially in cases where the radiation is administered to the wrong area of the body.

Radiation Injury Symptoms

Radiation injury is damage to tissues caused by exposure to ionizing radiation. Short term symptoms of overexposure to radiation begin with nausea, headaches, fever, vomiting and visible burns to the skin. These symptoms can then develop into dizziness, fatigue, hair loss, lowered blood pressure, bloody stool and the development of cancer, as the patient suffers from radiation poisoning. Radiation poisoning is extremely painful and must be detected and treated quickly in order to ensure a more positive prognosis.

Causes of Radiation Overexposure

While human error accounts for many of the cases of radiation overexposure, there may be other variables involved. It is important to gather all of the information available in order to determine fault. The main causes of radiation overexposure include the following:

    • Administering the incorrect dosage of radiation
    • Administering the radiation to the wrong area of the patient’s body
    • Defective equipment that administers incorrect doses of radiation
    • Failure of technicians to follow required safety protocol to ensure that the patient is protected from radiation during diagnostic tests
  • Improper maintenance of equipment and the failure of staff to perform routine checks to ensure that equipment is working as it should

If you or a loved one have suffered from a radiation injury, you may be eligible for compensation. Don’t hesitate to contact our team today by filling out our form or calling 1-800-590-4116. We are hard-working lawyers for hard-working people.

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