Inadequate Security Lawyers

In inadequate security lawsuits, the plaintiff is attempting to hold a property owner liable for failing to provide security for business patrons (ex. shoppers in a store or students on a college campus). The plaintiff is usually seeking a damages award from the business owner or an injunction requiring them to change their security policies.

What is a business owner’s duty to provide adequate security?

The duties of a business and property owner fall into these four categories:

  1. Administrative Duty – A business and property owner must have a proper system for reporting and collecting information of criminal activity on or near premises.
  2. Employee Security – They should do background checks on job applicants and employees if the type of employment deals with people such as children or elders. They should also adequately train and supervise their employees to recognize suspicious activity.
  3. External Security – They must install security systems and have proper lighting in parking areas and access areas.
  4. Interior Security – They should have effective security policies and measures inside the building premises.

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