Electrical Injury Lawyer Philadelphia, PA

Electrical Injury Lawyer Philadelphia, PA

Electrical Injury Lawyer Philadelphia, PA

If you are the victim of an electrical shock injury, you know just how painful this can be and you should seek the help of an electrical injury lawyer Philadelphia, PA has to offer. While some people who suffer from electrical shock injuries may find that they only got a minor zap, other people’s lives can be dramatically altered and they may suffer from debilitating injuries. Not only can you see the results of an electrical shock injury on your skin, but it could affect other areas of your body like your ability to hear or your nervous system. Below, you will find out more information on what to do if you sustained an electrical shock as a result of someone else’s negligence, what to look out for after you were shocked, and what you can do to receive compensation for your injuries. If you have any questions or if you would like to get in contact with an electrical injury lawyer Philadelphia, PA residents trust from McEldrew Young Purtell, call our office now to speak with one of our associates.

What can cause electrical accidents?

Often, electrical accidents are caused by someone’s negligence at work sites or construction sites. Those who work at construction sites are most at-risk for becoming victims of electrical accidents. Additionally, outside of work, people may experience electrical accidents at their homes because outlets or switches were not wired correctly by an electrician. In some cases, these are typically very low-voltage currents, and while you may feel a zap, it does not necessarily mean you are injured. However, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania electrical injury lawyer knows even with seemingly harmless appliances a victim can suffer from burns or even severe nerve damage.

What typically causes electrical injuries?
  • Electrical outlets that were not placed in safe areas.
  • Telephone lines that have fallen.
  • Faulty wiring in wet areas, like a pool.
  • Malfunctioning commercial appliances or equipment.
  • Extension cords that were not discarded properly.
  • Exposed wires.
Compensation For Your Injuries

When you believe that your injuries are the result of someone else’s negligence, you should speak with an electrical injury lawyer in Philadelphia, PA today to discuss your compensation options. Some of these may include:

  • Lost Wages. This can apply to past, present, and future lost wages that were the result of missing work because of your injuries.
  • Medical Bills/Expenses. Because electrical accident victims often sustain serious injuries, they likely need to go through hospital stays, surgeries, and even rehabilitation or therapy to ensure they can walk, talk, and lead a normal life.
  • Pain and Suffering. While this is not as easily-quantifiable as expenses, many people who are the victims of an electrical accident can be compensated for their pain and suffering.
  • Wrongful Death. If one of your loved ones was the victim of an electrical accident and they passed away, you may be able to get compensation for their wrongful death.
How can an electrical injury lawyer Philadelphia, PA residents trust help me?

Filing a personal injury claim for your electrical accident can become complicated very quickly, and the sooner you have an attorney on your side from the law firm of McEldrew Young Purtell, the sooner we can begin working on your claim to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Never hesitate to try and get the help you need. If you are the victim of an electrical accident and are looking for a Philadelphia, PA electrical injury lawyer, reach out to us today.

Is Electric Shock Injury a Catastrophic Personal Injury?

Although there is no one universal definition, generally, when an injury prevents a person from performing work and enjoying life as before the accident, that can be considered a catastrophic injury. Brain injuries, loss of limbs, spinal cord injuries, severe burns, blindness and paralysis are all examples. These types of injuries may require a lifetime of medical care or multiple surgical procedures. Damages awarded for catastrophic injury tend to be much higher than in other personal injury cases. Since there is no way to actually compensate someone for the loss of a limb or an organ, the legal system tries to offer some monetary award to ensure ongoing care and to give some semblance of ease. An experienced Philadelphia, Pennsylvania electrical injury lawyer from McEldrew Young Purtell can help you to understand how to file a legal claim for catastrophic injury in regards to your unique situation. 

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries are ordinarily categorized into three main groups: physical injuries, spinal cord injuries, and cognitive injuries. Examples of physical injuries include severe fractures, widespread burns due to electric shock, loss of limbs, damage to, or loss of, organs. Spinal cord injuries are specific to the spinal cord, resulting in partial or total paralysis. Cognitive injuries are among the most damaging to the victims and families and frequently incur the most cost. These occur as a result of brain damage that causes a loss of communication, inability to work and frequently, memory impairment. The losses can be a ripple effect when another family member loses their ability to earn due to having to stay home to help care for their injured family members. A Philadelphia, PA electrical injury lawyer can help you explore how the costs your family is incurring as a result of catastrophic injury may be reimbursed through a personal injury settlement or verdict. 

Types of Awards

Types of financial compensation awarded in catastrophic personal injury cases include medical bills for doctor appointments, hospital visits or stays, prescriptions, diagnostic tests, home health care or physical therapy, among others. Lost wages can be awarded. There are two types of lost wages: past wages and future potential earnings. The first case is easy to determine a value on. However, impacts to future potential earnings may be more difficult to derive. In these cases, a Philadelphia, PA electrical injury lawyer may use expert witness testimony to help determine damages. Physical pain can also be difficult to determine on someone else’s behalf. Insurance companies frequently use recovery time as an indicator and the types of medications and dosages can also help to determine levels of physical suffering. Emotional suffering is determined based on impacts to the victim’s everyday life. Examples of emotional distress could be post-traumatic stress syndrome. Symptoms may include sleep loss, anxiety and uncontrollable crying. The exact symptoms and their severity can also vary from person to person.

If you or a family member have suffered traumatic injury due to an accident or negligent act, please schedule a risk-free consultation with a Philadelphia, PA electrical injury lawyer today. You do not need to navigate the challenging legal side of your situation alone.