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Tragedy continues to unfold in the aftermath of the Astroworld Festival mass casualty event. The death toll is now up to nine people, with 25 hospitalized, and hundreds injured. Those still hospitalized include a 9-year-old boy who has been placed in a medically induced coma after sustaining injuries to his heart, lungs, and brain. 

Tragically, this kind of incident is not new, and has already struck close to home here in Philadelphia. In 2016, 42 people were injured during a concert in Camden at the BB&T Pavillion. If you or your loved one has been injured while attending a concert, you deserve to have your voices heard, and to bring those responsible to justice. 


What Caused the Accident at the BB&T in Camden?

In August of 2016, fans gathered to hear Snoop Dogg and Whiz Khalifa at the BB&T Pavillion in Camden NJ, just across the river from Philadelphia. During the concert, the performers gestured to fans to come forward. As the crowd surged, concert goers were trampled and pinned to the ground. Ultimately, a partition collapsed, causing people to fall roughly 10 feet onto hard concrete. 

The crowd surge was blamed on lack of security and the setup of the venue with no aisles, all of which proved nearly fatal when the performers started telling people to move towards the stage. Victims ultimately brought lawsuits against the performers and Live Nation, the operator of the venue.  

Live Nation is the largest operator of concert promotions in the country, and has been sued by numerous patrons over the years for inadequate security and crowd control in and out of their arenas. And now, five years after the incident at the BB&T Pavillion, another horrific incident linked to a Live Nation venue has occurred.


Astroworld Mass Casualty Event

Rapper Travis Scott started the Astroworld festival in Houston Texas in 2018. The concert on November 5th saw more than 50,000 attendees, only a fraction of what the NRG park could actually hold. The venue has a capacity of 200,000, but limited attendance due to COVID concerns. Yet even with limited attendance, disaster still struck.

It’s still unclear if any one single event triggered the chaos of the night, but for some reason, the crowd began to push and surge towards the front of the stage, causing people to be compressed so tightly against each other that they began to struggle to breathe, and were unable to escape. Crush type injuries and cardiac situations that required CPR were reported, and by the time medics were on the scene, it was declared a mass casualty event, ultimately leaving 9 dead


Who Is Liable for a Concert Injury?

Over 100 lawsuits are currently being filed in the Astroworld tragedy, and the suits have been filed against not only Live Nation and Travis Scott, but also against Scott’s Cactus Jack Records, Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation, Scoremore, Contemporary Service Corporation, ASM Global, and Valle Services. 

Concert organizer Live Nation has come under heavy scrutiny after the incident, especially after details of their security and emergency response plan were obtained by Houston Public Media. A Texas based security consultant to Live Nation laid out details for responding to multiple threats at the venue – but the 56-page document never once discusses how to handle a dangerous crowd surge, even knowing Travis Scott’s reputation for hosting shows with dangerous crowd behavior. 

It’s an incredibly difficult legal question to pinpoint who is ultimately responsible when a mass casualty event at a concert like Astroworld occurs. That’s why it’s critical that you retain the services of an experienced personal injury attorney if you or your loved one were injured at a concert. 


An Experienced Concert Injury Lawyer 

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